All business ideas begin with a desire for “Kuch toh bada karna hai”, but what most of us aren’t able to figure out is “Kaise karein?” and that’s why most born entrepreneurs take a step back. 

With an aim to assist Indian MSMEs to become a “big business”, Bada Business Private Ltd was incorporated on 24th January 2019 by Dr Vivek Bindra, a Motivational Speaker and a Renowned Business Coach. 

So, what is Bada Business exactly?

Bada Business (which means ‘Big Business’) is an ed-tech startup that guides small business owners in their entrepreneurial journey by providing online business training sessions. 

The startup was founded just a few months before the pandemic hit the world massively. As a result, soon it emerged as a torchbearer for MSMEs who were on the verge of shutting down due to the economic crisis. 

Recently, Bada Business became the world’s first company to grab five Guinness World Records back-to-back for:

  • World’s largest online business lesson 
  • World’s largest online sales lesson 
  • world’s largest online lesson on strategy management 
  • World’s largest online event on ‘How to Start Up’ 
  • World’s largest online lesson on retail management

According to the statistics, the series of business training sessions offered by Bada was attended by approximately one crore people between April to September 2020. 

Bada Business has significantly brought into the limelight the need for business education in a developing country like India to sustain the highly competitive environment. 

Keep reading to know more about Bada Business. 

How does Bada Business work?

Bada Business claims to offer the World’s Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Program, especially curated for MSMEs, that provides considerable knowledge on different business strategies and frameworks. 

The ed-tech startup has a dedicated app, available on Google Playstore and App Store, where you can find courses addressing various business problems. To enrol in any courses, you need to register yourself on the app and pay the course fee. 

All the courses are in recorded video format, having leading business coaches along with Mr Bindra as a speaker. In addition, the courses come with reading materials, assessments, and action plans. 

Apart from this, Bada offers several other programs, that are,

  • Lifetime Membership (LTM)
  • Everything About Entrepreneurship (EAE)
  • Leadership Funnel Program (LFP)
  • Problem Solving Course (PSC)
  • Independent Business Consultant (IBC)
  • Master Franchise
  • Bada Business College Tie-Ups

Let’s see the benefits you get from each of the above programs in detail.

Lifetime Membership

Getting a lifetime membership allows the users to get lifetime access to the ‘Everything About Entrepreneurship’ Course conducted by Bada. The users also get in-person training and Q&A sessions with Dr Bindra. 

Additionally, the user would get a library of 600 document templates and coverage for every business function, like HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Legal, Finance, and others. 

Bada Business EAE

Everything About Entrepreneurship (EAE) is a two-year app-based business course in Hindi that gives you a detailed view of every strategy used in business. The program includes,

  • 4 Digital training and Q&A sessions with Dr Bindra and other experts of the industry every month for two years
  • 25 Business Strategy Frameworks from the Leadership Funnel Program
  • 264 video courses
  • 264 reading materials
  • 264 assessments
  • Certificate after the completion of the course

Leadership Funnel Program 

The Leadership Funnel Program is a four-day interactive session with the founder and other billionaire speakers. Besides, the user also gets a complimentary Lifetime Membership.

Problem Solving Courses

The courses are designed to provide a practical approach to some of the common problems faced by entrepreneurs. The course content is available in Hindi and will be available in vernacular languages in the near future. 

Bada Business IBC

Bada Business Independent Business Consultant (IBC) is a mini-franchise program launched by the company to hire self-employed people to promote and sell their products. So, people looking for employment opportunities can work with Bada Business as a part-time or full-time IBC and, in return, grab a high rate of commission. 

An Independent Business Consultant is responsible for the promotion, lead generation, and selling of the online courses offered by Bada.  Anyone interested in making a good passive income can apply for the Bada Business IBC program. There is no requirement for education qualification or work experience. 

Bada Business Master Franchise

Under the Master Franchise of Bada Business, you can set up your own online business coaching centre. It works just like any other franchise program where all the material, such as course videos, reading materials, assessments, etc., would be provided by Bada.

As a franchisee, all you need to do is pay an annual franchise fee to Bada, and generate leads for the courses offered. You get to take the entire course fee paid by those who enrol in the courses. 

Bada Business College Tie-Ups

The colleges interested in the courses offered by Bada can reach out to include those in their syllabus. By doing so, the college can avoid creating various business-related courses from scratch for their students. 

Bada Business At A Glance

Vivek Bindra, the founder of Bada Business, is a business advisor to more than 500 corporate houses and entrepreneurs across the globe. Furthermore, he has trained and helped more than 500 business owners and students in 133 countries in overcoming various business-related issues. 

He was awarded the ‘Think Tank of Corporate Asia‘ by the World Leadership Federation, Dubai, the ‘Best Leadership Trainer in Asia’ by Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD Congress, and the ‘Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Entrepreneurship Development’ by Vijay Bhai Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

So, if you are a wantrepreneur wanting to do something big, you might want to check out the courses offered by Bada Business for valuable advice and guidance. 

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