Freelancing has become popular in India in the past couple of years, as work from home has been a feasible option due to the pandemic. It is the best option for students and beginners to earn some extra cash on the side to gain some experience in their respective fields and build financial security. The best part of freelancing is to work on your terms from the comfort of your home. Around 48% of freelancers in India work through word of mouth referrals and through websites, where there are opportunities to work with experts of Blogging, Web Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design etc. 

Take a look at the 10 Best freelance websites in India which provide a free sign up experience according to your unique skills.


Upwork Global Inc. is the most popular freelance website for beginners known as it has a customer base of over 1 million users. They have offices set up in the global workspaces of San Francisco, Mountain View, California etc. Upwork is a massive platform as it has merged with two other freelancing websites named Elance and oDesk, and it is entirely free to sign up and start working. 

Upwork is always the first preference for freshers as they have a variation of jobs for college freelancers to experienced professionals. Clients like Microsoft, DropBox, and Airbnb use this site for freelancers, thereby making this an excellent opportunity hub for freelancers to work for them without a permanent job. 

Freelancer .com

Freelancer .com is a modern-day bid for the job system. Freelancer provides opportunities on a global basis and is available through a bid system. The process is easy; a client can post a job on their site, and people who want to work on that project will bid for it under the post, and the client can go through their profiles and choose them based on their portfolio. They even have an app to chat in real-time and maintain an update about the progress of their project. This website is also known to be the most searched from the keyword of best freelance websites in India.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance users. It is the perfect place for temporary basis workers as Fiverr allows listing for one time gigs and temporary job positions for freelancers to choose from. Fiverr is a two-way marketplace where the clients and freelancers can sell their services, called ‘gigs’. Fiverr is free for signup and has Seller Plus and Fiverr pro for advanced services. Indians can use a Paypal account for their payment system, though some money can get deducted for international transactions. This website is frequently used by the students. 

WeWork Remotely 

As the name suggests, this is a platform for remote workers and has a global client base. This site is usually recommended for tech, programming and design jobs. Indians have a higher chance of working for tech companies, reducing the US pay for Indian workers. This isn’t restricted to freelancers alone; the platform lists full-time jobs. It is free to sign up and use, but restrictions could be based on the country. 


As a freelancer, it can get time consuming and chaotic to find one perfect job to work for, so Solidgigs takes on that task. It is more of a lead generation tool than a marketplace for jobs. Solidgigs asks for your preferences and sends you leads for your selection when posted online, so you don’t have to look for it. The platform doesn’t deduct anything from your job but charges a monthly rate for leads. 


Chegg is an ed-tech company that offers physical and digital textbook rentals, online tutoring and part-time job opportunities. Chegg India hires subject experts to answer students’ doubts 24/7, so anyone can become a subject expert and apply for these roles and earn money online through Chegg. The monetary compensation is per month according to their accuracy on the subject. Their subject range doesn’t restrict to school category, so everyone can brush up on their favourite subject and become an expert.


This is one of the most known freelance websites for professional freelancers as they have options for a variation of jobs and can hire and pay on an hourly basis. More than 70 categories of gigs are available, from Mobile Apps development to Web design. The payment is available on time, and they have minimal charges for the transfer service. 


This website is available to everyone as it is entirely free of cost for all users and clients looking to hire. While most freelancing sites do not have the direct communication option, Rockerstop provides a call/message service for clear communication and progress of the work. Freelancers work here through a pay per click model, where they can click up to 10 leads and then the client would contact them for further purposes. Freelancers prefer this website as they do not have to pay extra money to earn money through the same site. 


Truelancer is known for its diversity of jobs. It does not restrict itself a single industry; instead, the reach has widened to accommodate all freelance categories from Web Development to SEO writing. The best part is customer satisfaction. When clients hire freelancers for their job, they expect decent work, but if they are not satisfied, Truelancer returns their investment, thus setting high standards for users. 


Guru is a highly accessible platform as the process is very easy for beginners and professionals alike. A client can review a freelancer portfolio, earning statistics, experience etc. and draw up an agreement with them for payment and reports. When it is settled, a workroom is dedicated for your work only, where you can discuss and get the job done.

Freelancing is an excellent way to develop skills before college and gain from the book experiences. Students can earn extra money and knowledge by enrolling onto these best freelancing websites and can test their skills. Those already working in a full-time position but who want to make money online can also come here as all these platforms are user friendly with innumerable options, leading a lot of folks to start their side hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an average freelance income in India?

The average freelancer is earning a good amount of between Rs 4.1 Lakhs- Rs 4.4 Lakhs in India.

Is freelancing a good career in India?

People who started freelancing as a passive income are generating more than their active source of income that made them pursue their career in freelancing.

How to become a freelancer in India?

You can become a freelancer in just 5 steps:
Step1: Learn any demanded skill.
Step2: Make a profile on the best freelancing websites of India.
Step3: Fix the most beginning gig for the first time.
Step4: Complete the project.
Step5: Earn money and a review.

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