Coupa is a single stop for all your “business spend management”. 

Coupa is a one-cloud platform to manage all your transactions across procurement, payment, and supply chain. Coupa helps to maximise value across Procurement, Payment, Supply chain, Treasury, AP Automation, 3rd party risk, Travel and expenses, and ERP Integration.

Three core values drive Coupa:

  • Ensuring Real, measurable, and quantifiable success for the customer
  • Focus on results without wasting time on unnecessary actions like long meetings.
  • Strive for action. That’s about us taking risks, taking chances, making mistakes, improving, and getting better and better.

How to Register for the Coupa Supplier Portal?

For Coupa supplier portal login, you need to follow the simple steps below.

  1. Register for the CSP Self-register at, get an invitation email from your Coupa customer, forward an invitation to a peer, or create an account from a PO email.

  2. Create Your Account after receiving an invitation.

  3. Log in to the CSP using single or two-factor authentication.

  4. Create Custom Views where you can change the view settings depending on how you want to see information on orders, invoices, catalogues, service/timesheets, ASNs, or payments for each customer.

  5.  Create or Update Your Profiles to public and customer-specific company profiles. 

  6. Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication or enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

  7. Manage Your Account
    Change your personal information.
    Set your notification preferences.
    Enable/disable two-factor authentication.

  8. Navigate and Get Help; learn where to find what in the CSP, including assistance.

  9. View and Manage Notifications to view your notifications and set your preferences. 

Features of the Coupa Supplier Portal

Being a Coupa supplier will increase sales, lower costs, and improve cash flow. It will help you grow your business, drive operational efficiencies, and get paid faster by your coupa customers.

  1. Smart Invoicing: Convert purchase orders directly into invoices with a click of a button. The invoice generated is directly delivered to the customer for faster payments.
  2. Payment Solution: Start accepting card, bank, and digital check payments with no upfront costs, subscriptions, or hidden fees.
  3. Diverse Business Directory: Coupa provides open access to our Diverse Business Directory to help grow your business with diversity.
  4. Catalog Management Solutions: Showcase your products to Coupa Buyers and make it easy for them by simplifying the order process. 
  5. Shipment Tracking: Do more than tell your customers that a shipment is on its way. We help you send real-time shipment tracking to ensure your customer’s concern.
  6. Purchase Orders: If your Coupa Customer is sending you purchase orders, you’ll need to ensure you are creating your e-Invoices on a Purchase Order.
  7. View Business Performance Data: By clicking on the Business Performance tab on the main menu to view a summary of orders and invoices that may need attention, and year-to-date order, invoice, and delivery time trends.
  8. View Customer Announcements: Your customers can create announcements to be shown to you on the Home page and Supplier pages to help you understand their unique requirements and communicate about changes required for your collaboration. They can provide you with instructions on how to join or what to do after entering the CSP, share information necessary for transactions, inform you about upcoming orders, remind you of updating supplier information, and more.
  9. You can configure Punchout and PO Delivery Method for specific customers.
  10. Create or Edit an ASN, an Invoice, a catalogue, catalogue Items and a Service/Timesheet.
  11. View and Download Digital Checks, View and Manage ASNs, Catalogues, Invoices, Payments, POs, Service/Time Sheets.
  12. View Invoice Lines, PO Lines, Public Sourcing Events, Service/Time Sheet Lines

Benefits of Coupa Supplier Portal

  • On-Demand Webinars – Once you register as a small business supplier on the Coupa panel, you have access to webinars at any time you need for supplier queries and to learn about Coupa as a platform as well. 
  • EBooks – Electronic books to enhance your understanding of supplier panels and financial securities. 
  • Product Videos – As a supplier, product videos are a must for your website, which can help improve your business from a viewer’s perspective 
  • Inventory Management – Keeping track of stocks and inventory can be a huge hassle, but Coupa solves the problem by managing your list to focus on products alone. 
  • Discounts and Savings – As a customer of Coupa supplier, you can avail yourself of numerous discounts for different products and save on many items.

FAQs On Coupa Supplier Portals

1. How to set up your account for the first time?

Check your email for an invitation from your Coupa customer. Click the link in your email to start the registration process. If you haven’t received the mail yet, ask your customer to invite you. If you’re the first user in your company to receive this invitation, you’ll be assigned Admin privileges, so you’ll need to think about how you want to set up the various users in your company.
Create a Password: To begin the registration, you must create a password. Read and review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you agree and accept these terms, click on the box. Next, check the “I’m Not a Robot” box. Click Submit. After this, you can set up your account after setting up your password. 

2. I haven’t received an email after the completion of registration. What should I do?

a. Search your spam folder.
b. Contact support via the chat window on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), and a member of the team will assist you.

3. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You could use the following link to reset your password for your CSP account.
Use the same email address you used to register for your CSP account.

4. Why am I not able to log in to my supplier portal?

Ensure you are not using the browser’s auto-populating feature to enter username and password and if it’s not the feature, try in a different browser or incognito mode.

5. I am registered in CSP but can’t select a customer from the dropdown; they are grey. What to do?

Do contact your admin user with this request. They have the authority to check your permissions and give access to the customer if required.

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