The term “freelance” has existed since the 1800s. Back then, it used to mean warriors who would fight for any nation or individual that paid more and delivered on a mercenary basis. With time, the term freelancing connected to politics and later to work. Let’s give you a brief look into the offer of freelancing and how it differs from the usual 9-5 schedule. 

What is Freelancing?

As the name suggests, freelancing means you have the independence to work as a company rather than being an employee for one. Most freelancers are self-employed, and companies hire freelancers part-time or contract.

Freelancers get paid for providing some service. Sometimes, freelancers get paid for jobs like a virtual assistant by the number of hours they work or writers on a pay per word basis. Each profession gets paid by its units considered for hours or days. 

Types of Freelancing

Companies are willing to work with individuals rather than agencies. Not only that but hiring freelancers help businesses to reduce their recruiting cost. As a freelancer, you can offer single or multiple services according to your interests and expertise. 

Here are a few common niches of freelance services.

Content Writing

Content writing is the most accessible niche to get started as a freelancer. Suppose you don’t have any advanced skillset or are unsure about your place, you can try online courses that offer content writing lessons. The content writing scope is vast, and one can provide services like article and blog writing, technical writing, ghostwriting, editing, creative writing, and much more. All you need is good grammar and research skills to start as a content writer.


Sales is an inseparable part of business, so a good copy is necessary. Freelance copywriters charge ₹3000 on average. They are different from content writers as they cannot get paid on a word basis; they’d be paid in peanuts then. It depends on the infographics and posters etc. Read more on Copywriting

Social media management

A strong social presence is a requisite for businesses, organisations, and celebrities. As a social media manager, your job is to engage with the audience, create and post content, and execute various content strategies. According to, the average annual income of social media managers is ₹ 0.6 Lakhs to ₹ 4.8 Lakhs, according to 

Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic designers are high in demand these days. Creating stunning visuals and designs is the primary job of a graphic designer, and Graphics are how brands communicate with their target audience… An average freelance graphic designer earns ₹27,058 per month.


Consulting is a freelancing uprising field. A freelance consultant gets paid for providing professional and expert advice in the area their expertise lies. For example, they are advising businesses on their social media strategy and helping them to boost their engagement. On average freelance, consultants make ₹3000. 

Web developer

Being a freelance web developer is quite tricky if you lack the required skills. Freelance web developers are coders who develop and design websites for clients according to their requirements. They get paid on a per-project basis and can work with as many clients as they want. A graphic designer earns ₹890,000 annually. 

How to start freelancing?

Starting working as a freelancer is not at all rocket science. Anyone with the required skill set can be a freelancer, and there are three most common ways to get started as a freelancer.

  1. Directly working with the client: To work directly with the client, you have to find a client and pitch them. It requires good communication and persuasion skills. This is one of the most profitable ways to earn through freelancing, as in this process, no mediator is involved.
  1. Subcontracting: One can go for subcontracting to get away with the nuisance of finding prospects and converting them. Usually, agencies take projects in bulk from clients and convert them into small tasks, then get them done by other small agencies or freelancers.
  1. Freelancing website: Freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or freelancer are the most popular way to find clients. This isn’t that profitable method as it involves a mediator, and you have to pay some amount to freelance websites behind every project. This is good for getting started but not recommended in the long run.

Benefits of being a freelancer

Who doesn’t love to be their boss? Freelancing allows individuals to control their working hours, income, and the clients they are willing to work for. Freelancing provides flexibility; you can work remotely and choose your working hours. If you love working on the couch wearing PJs and love the comfort of working from home, then freelancing is a suitable career option for you.

If you love to explore new things and industries, then freelancing is the perfect match for you. You can work in two or more niches based on your interest and broaden your skill set. The significant advantage to being a freelancer is unlike a salary; there is no limit to how much you earn. You can develop multiple streams of income for yourself and can work with numerous clients. 

The primary concern has always been about finding stability in the freelance business, as freelancers are not liable to the company’s permanent employee status or employee care plans, but if you are multi-talented to two or more niches, this could be an excellent career growth scale for more opportunities.  

Now, you are all set to become a successful freelancer! Find your niche, make a strong portfolio and start approaching clients.

Happy freelancing! 

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