Ariba Network is a digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers collaborate on procurement and supply chain transactions. Ariba Network is a part of SAP Business Network.

The Importance of the Ariba Network for Suppliers

The “Network Effect” means the more users and connections a network has, the more value it provides. Ariba networks is the largest B2B company connecting millions of companies in more than 190 countries across the globe.

The vast network of Ariba helps it gather data that it enhances and further uses for various functions like risk analysis and infuse intelligence in every transaction, streamlining B2B commerce, making it more efficient.

How To Register for SAP Ariba

You can join Ariba in various formats.

  • Buyer registration login
  • Supplier registration login
  • SAP Ariba discovery portal
  • Partner portal

Ariba Supplier Registration 

There are two types of registration.

  1. External Registration: Here are the supplier contacts to create or log in to an account. Fills the external registration questionnaire, where you can gather information about them directly and have a fulfilling relationship with them. 
  2. Internal Registration: You need to invite people in your organisation to fill out the external registration questionnaire on behalf of the supplier. A registration manager contacts the supplier to fill out an internal registration questionnaire, which can later be converted into an external one. After all these, you can have a fulfilling relationship with them if they are linked. 

How to Create A New Account In Ariba  

  1. Go to the Ariba Supplier site

  2. Click Register Now

  3. Fill all mandatory fields with an * mark.

  4. Accept Terms of use and Privacy Statement

  5. Click Create Account

  6. Ariba will send a confirmation mail to your registered email ID.

  7. After your acceptance, you will receive a welcome mail. 

Registration by Email

●  An email invitation will be sent to you from a buying organisation.

●  Click the link to go to the landing page.

●  If you have an account, click Use Existing Account or Create New Account.

●  Create the new account with the same process as mentioned above.

● If you have received a purchase order welcome letter, it will have a temporary ID and security code. 

●  In that case, go to a web browser to go to the web address contained in the welcome letter. 

●  Enter your temporary ID and security code to activate the account. After you start your account, the temporary ID can be used as your username.

Follow the Steps in the Registration Wizard

●  Fill in the basic information about your company asked by the Ariba network.

●  You can also create your username and password.

●  Accept Terms of Use, print Summary and then Continue.

●  Automatic address validation is done, and a pop-up shows. Accept it.

●  Ariba shows “Activate your account page now“.

●  It sends an email. Accept the link.

●  It will lead to “Welcome to Ariba“.

●  Here you can see the completeness of your company page.

● You can either click “Go to company profile” or “Complete my company profile later“.

Note: In case of any problem, you can always contact Ariba Customer Support. 

Ariba Network For Suppliers 

Ariba supplier network is a digital marketplace that helps buyers and sellers to collaborate online for procurement and supply of services and products. Companies with the digital processes of procuring and supplying with the help of SAP invite their supplier to Ariba Network Suppliers. If you have a customer in Ariba Network, they may ask you to join Ariba Supplier Network. An Ariba Supplier can have more than one account in, each connected to different buyers. 

If you become an Ariba supplier, you can see various documents related to your customer like New purchase orders, Orders to invoice, Orders that need attention, Invoice rejected, Payments received, Pinned documents, Orders to confirm, Orders to ship etc. All these documents are provided to suppliers in an arranged form to enhance doing business. 

After becoming an Ariba Supplier, the customer can see the Supplier catalogue and quickly place an order. The supplier receives the order then sends a confirmation note along with the shipment and invoice. The buyers send the payment receipt on accepting these documents, and the deal is completed. 

Ariba suppliers use the platform for various purposes:

●  Get access to big bulk buying organisations.

●  Get access to specific buyers that need your products.

●  Publishing catalogues containing products and their prices.

● Categorisation of their development helps customers find the product they need easily. 

●  Select among various methods to send documents to their customers.

●  Ariba networks help fast and smooth electronic transactions.

Ariba Business Network Supplier App

Ariba business network supplier mobile app helps you collaborate with your customer anywhere, anytime easily. The app helps to instantly connect with your customer, be more responsive, and improve customer satisfaction with fast service. The app is built with great functionality that responds efficiently and effectively. 

Features included in the Ariba Business Network Supplier App

● Create documents with ease (PO, non-PO invoice, order confirmation, credit memo, advance ship notifications).

● You will receive a real-time report for the transaction done.

● Fast searching capability powered by SAP S helps find documents quickly. 

● Improves invoice visibility to understand its status.

● Share orders, invoices, comments, send PDF attachments. 

● Easy login access to your account.

● The app has 24 different languages. So that you can work with different clienteles.

Benefits of Supplier for Ariba

There are various benefits when you join as an Ariba Supplier in the SAP. Some of them are:

● Ariba supplier network gives you access to a network of bulk buying large organisations. 

● It helps to manage sales procedures effortlessly. 

● It helps to increase cash flow and creates a steady source of income.

● It helps to grow your business by finding new customers easily.

● It helps negotiate contracts, submit proposals, handle orders, send invoices and receive payment flawlessly.

● It helps to lower the cost of sales by increasing the number of sales.

● Create and publish a catalogue with buyers’ perspectives.

Ariba as a network has provided a platform for many suppliers to become a part of the bigger chain and have access to premium features of the business. This has helped many companies to kickstart their tools and have a more extensive base, so follow the above steps to register today and be a part of the biggest networking platform.

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