In the digital age, having a website has become an essential prerequisite for building your brand identity. If you still do not have a website, you lose out on numerous opportunities and customers. 

Your website is a kind of brand ambassador for your business that promotes and exhibits your products and services across the globe. As a result, it increases your business visibility, attracts more leads and generates more revenues.

Today, building a website is no longer a hefty task. Although, you can create a website on Google using different methods, such as writing your own code, using WordPress, or website builder. 

However, if you have no clue how to build a website from scratch, it is best to take the help of website builders. 

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to create a new website using a website builder. 

1. Set Goals for Your Website

Once you have decided to launch your own website, it is essential to define the purpose of creating it. You have to figure out what you want to do with your website, i.e., you want to sell products and services, provide information to your visitors, or make announcements. 

Having a goal helps you build the architecture of your website in the long term. For example, if you want to sell products, it would be necessary for you to add payment methods, but if you only want to share information, you do not require any payment options for your website. 

2. Select a Website Builder

If you are a beginner, website builders are your saviours. Today, there are a lot of website builders that help you set up your website quickly without any advanced coding knowledge. 

On that note, if you are planning to create an e-commerce website, you can use Bikayi, one of the best e-commerce platforms available today. Bikayi helps you create your website fast, provides you with customised templates, and also helps you promote your store by offering digital marketing services.

P.S. If you choose a website builder, you don’t need to select a web host as the builder provides you with web hosting services. 

3. Choose a Custom Domain Name

Every website you visit has a domain name, which is the website address that helps your visitors uniquely identify your business. You need to register your domain name with any domain name registrars like, NameCheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost or others before you can actually use it for your website. 

Anyhow, when you build your website with the help of website builders, they offer to do it for you. However, in that case, the domain name would be of the website builders, and your store name would be used as a prefix (sub-domain) or suffix. 

Bikayi gives you an option to have your personal domain by integrating it with its platform. Bikayi also offers you a free domain integration with the yearly package. 

Tips for selecting a domain name:

  • Choose a domain name that is relevant to your business. It can be creative but must be relatable. 
  • Keep it short.
  • Avoid using numbers or hyphens.
  • Check if the domain name has already been registered for other TLDs.

4. Decide on a Design Template

Now that you have completed all the significant steps, it’s time to pick up a layout or template for your website. However, do not worry about it, as your website builder offers you different themes and designs, which can be free or paid. 

You can select any themes best suited for your website and niche. Some of the website builders also give you an option to customise your layouts, for which you must know basic HTML and CSS or hire professional web designers.

5. Create Relevant Pages

You obviously would not want to display everything on a single webpage and make your website look messy. So, you must create different webpages for your website featuring additional information about your business or showcasing different products you offer.

Some of the most common webpages your website should have are the Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Policy Page, and Product or Service page. You can also create blogs relevant to your business or the products and services you offer. 

6. Integrate Payment Options

If you are selling products and services through your website, you must also decide on the business payment options you would offer and integrate those into your website. 

But, in the case of website builders, you do not have to do any third-party payment integrations. All you need to do is provide your banking information with the website builder, and they will do all the required activation for you. 

Bikayi provides all payment modes with gateways like Razorpay and Paytm, and does not charge you anything extra for the transactions. 

7. Add Required Business Tools

As a business, you need to promote your products and services, track your ad campaigns, maintain inventories, and perform many other activities. To help you manage all the tasks efficiently, website builders provide you with various plugins to add to your online store.

With Bikayi app you can,

  • Integrate your Bikayi store with Facebook and Google shop
  • Retarget your website visitors with Facebook Pixel
  • Run Facebook and Google Ads
  • Track your ad campaigns using Google Analytics
  • Send broadcast SMS to your customers
  • Check your order reports, payment reports, inventory reports, and customer report
  • Add payment gateways
  • Start a referral program
  • Integrate personal domain

All the above business tools are super-easy to install and use, though Bikayi has business coaches who would help you with the integration and set-up process.

8. Preview, Test and Publish Your Website

Before publishing, you must walk through your website and check if everything is perfect. Check out if all the functions such as adding items to the cart, placing orders, receiving payments etc., are working fine. Do check for grammatical errors, broken links, product details and images. 

After you double-check and make sure that your business is completely ready to go live, press the publish button and make your website live. 

And your website is live! Now, you can reach your brand in any corner of the world. Isn’t it amazing?

Create your business website with Bikayi in 2 minutes

Creating your first business website with Bikayi is as easy as creating an Instagram account. Follow these simple steps to create your website with Bikayi:

  1. Download the Bikayi App from Play store or App store
  2. Verify your profile by entering your phone number.
  3. Enter your store name.
  4. Choose the Category of your business.
  5. Cheers! You are good to go, Your website is ready.

Remember that creating a website is just the beginning of a new era for your business and one that comes with additional responsibilities. You need to visit your website regularly to perform quality checks, update information, make announcements, add products and services, and other essential changes required to be in the trend.

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