We bet you’d google “How to create a YouTube Channel for your business” and be led to a YouTube tutorial. This result is just the app’s popularity, with over a billion downloads and the same amount of usage hours; YouTube is the second most visited app after Google. Now that the world as a whole is creating content and sharing them through YouTube shorts, it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon and promote your business. 

YouTube for businesses provides excellent online exposure to expand your customer base while attracting rapid revenue growth. If you’re starting, don’t sweat it; follow this step by step guide to set up your YouTube channel for business and have fun with it. 

Before you start creating your channel, decide your niche. Creating your YouTube channel is a good decision, but first, you need to decide the target audience for your channel. The niche will help you draft your content in a particular way, and the YouTube algorithm will push your content to the respective market. 

Start With The Basics

1. Create a Google Account 

  • Open Google, Type Create New Google Account 
  • You can either sign in through an existing account or make a new account just for your business. 
  • Remember the username and password to sign in to your YouTube account.

 Create a YouTube Channel

  1. Go to the YouTube Homepage.

  2. Sign in to your account using your business mail ID.

  3. Tap on the user avatar on the top right of the screen; you will receive toggle down options.

  4. Tap on ‘Create a channel’.

  5. Fill in your business name and click create.

  6. This brand name will be your YouTube channel name. 

2. Customise Your YouTube Channel  

Now that you have created your channel, we need to customise the channel by adding in the complete details of your business to give it a professional look, and this is through the three options of layout, branding and basic info.  


Channel Icon

When you click on the icon or your accounts profile photo, you will receive the edit option; by tapping on it, you can upload your channel’s icon. It can either be your logo or the brand name; easy to recognise either way. The recommendation is to use a picture with at least 98 x 98 pixels and a file size of 4MB or less. Use a PNG or GIF file with no animations. 

Banner Image

Adding a banner image is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and make your YouTube profile more visually appealing. Your Channel Art should be less than 4MB and at least 2048 x 1152 pixels in size, though YouTube pixels differ on different devices. YouTube gives you a preview before uploading the pictures so you can edit or crop along the way. 

Basic Info 

The basic info is about your channel name and description, which describes your brand. Set the channel name to your business name and add the details of your company in the description. But make sure to add keywords in the description as this will help your customers be led to your site as they search for your services. You can also customise the channel link to your business name and add all your social media links under the links. 


You can customise the layout before you upload your videos to give your customers an idea about your channel, more like exciting your medium before its launch. Channel trailers are typically short and sweet, and they serve as an excellent introduction for new viewers. You can tell your audience who you are, what your company is about, and what kind of content they can expect in the future. Also, add featured videos and liked videos to be an active member in the YouTube community and gain support from fellow YouTubers. 

3. Upload Your First Official Video 

You have created a YouTube channel and customised the track with trailer videos, channel art and description about you. So what’s left? Upload your video already. Click the button Create under your profile picture and upload your media. Make sure your first video is related to the introduction of your brand and the video is of high quality. 

4. Optimise Your Video

YouTube SEO is essential for your video to appear in people’s search count and gain visitors. By using an online youtube video editor, you can trim unnecessary footage or make an eye-catching thumbnail that accurately reflects the video content. It can help your videos rank higher if they are well-edited.

What’s the point of publishing your video when nobody can discover it? Here are a few tips to optimise your YouTube video. 

  • Optimise Video Titles by adding Google search-friendly words and keywords
  • Optimise Video description by adding concise content about your video and adding subtitles for the inclusion of all users 
  • Add tags and thumbnails for more visitors and instant click rate 
  • Create playlists for people to check out all your videos systematically 

5. YouTube Algorithm

Every app has an algorithm set to promote its products, and the same goes for YouTube. Every day more than a million videos are uploaded on the platform. The videos could disappear from your feed if it’s not according to the YouTube guidelines, so make sure you keep up with the weekly algorithm check to trend on the platform. 

6. Cross Promotion

YouTube is another platform that lets you post anything personal or business-related on the forum. Cross-promotion through another social channel helps all the brand accounts, so always add your other email links or social media handles to all your YouTube handles so people can check out all your platforms. 

7. YouTube Advertising 

Advertising is not a compulsory part of creating a YouTube business account, but one can always consider investing in YouTube Ads for better results. Organic content is the way to go but when your company does have a few bucks to spare, look at the promotional aspects of YouTube for a faster way of promoting your business. They are available in skippable ads format, non-skippable ads, display ads and banners, so keeping your budget in mind, you can always choose to engage with your audience through this format. 

8. Engage With Your Audience 

Engaging in return for likes, shares, and subscriptions is an excellent way to gain the trust of your audience. Engagement is critical if you intend to monetise your popularity on YouTube. Engaging with your viewers is essential in developing a community around your channel. Respond to comments, ask and answer questions, and, most importantly, listen to what others say. Remember that your viewers want to watch your content, so give them what they want.

9. Analyse Your Tools

Analytics is a helpful YouTube feature that provides information about who is watching your videos, allowing you to narrow down your target demographic even further. It will also give you a better understanding of why one video performed better than another. Optimise your channel based on these analytics, and all your videos can perform better by following these statistics. 

10. Stay Consistent 

Even after following all the above standards, if you post one video and neglect your channel for the rest of the year, there is no chance for your video to get viewers or subscribers. You have to stay consistent and post on a schedule, create a plan to shoot videos and post them every week or two weeks. Your subscribers wait for your videos, so you can always post on YouTube Shorts to make it worth their while. 

11. Grow Your Business Through YouTube!

There’s no denying that YouTube does take time. Still, once you follow the above steps and stay consistent in your efforts, it takes minimal optimisation for your channel to grow over time and impact many users to grow their business. Don’t always ask for subscribers, as they can only increase your business popularity, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more digital marketing tips. 

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