The world of online business and marketing has transformed drastically over the last few years. The way online businesses communicate with their customers has changed, and social media channels have added ease to the business communication method of entrepreneurs. 

One such platform is WhatsApp, which has become a newfound way businesses communicate with their customers. It is a new medium through which businesses constantly communicate with their existing or potential customers. 

But what if we told you that, in addition to communicating with your existing customers, you can tap into the nitty-gritty of WhatsApp and gain new customers for your business. In this article, we will discuss how you can gain new customers using click-through WhatsApp Ads and grow your business up to 10x. Let’s read on to find out! 

What Are Click Through WhatsApp Ads? 

Similar to the advertisements we run on Facebook and Instagram, click-through WhatsApp ads are the same. Click-through WhatsApp Ads simply refer to advertisements with a ‘Send message’ button as the call-to-action button. However, in the case of click-through WhatsApp Ads, it takes the viewer of the advertisement to continue their conversation with your brand on your WhatsApp account of your business. 

It is similar to other advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where you have various options to place your advertisements. Similarly, with click-through WhatsApp ads, you can place your advertisements on your Facebook news feed, Facebook marketplace, Instagram feed, Instagram explore, Facebook and Instagram stories. Hence, running a WhatsApp click-through advertisement is a great way to reach a wider audience network and garner sales and revenue. 

Why WhatsApp Click Through Ads Can Be Beneficial For You?

Before we understand how you can make WhatsApp ads work for you, we must first understand the benefits of WhatsApp click-through ads. Here are a few reasons why you can make WhatsApp ads beneficial for online business owners. 

  1. On an average, 500 million people in India use WhatsApp on a regular basis and this is a great market for you as a business owner to tap into and introduce your business and cater to your audience. 
  2. Even if you run an online business that operates on a global level, you can still make more business and sales using the global market of 2 million WhatsApp users. 
  3. Compared to other applications such as Instagram, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and Twitter, WhatsApp seems more acceptable amongst the masses as it makes them feel more connected to your brand and business. 
  4. Increased access to various communication channels and widening markets have led customers to make prudent purchase decisions. Hence, customers prefer to have clear-cut communication with the business and then make the purchase. Out of all the platforms, WhatsApp tends to be more accessible for both business owners and consumers. 
  5. Lastly, using WhatsApp is highly pocket-friendly for business owners, especially online business owners. It has been shown that using WhatsApp can reduce your marketing and promotional expenses by up to five times. 

3 Ways In Which You Can Gain Audience Through WhatsApp Click-Through Ads 

As mentioned earlier, there are several advertisements where you can attach a ‘Send message’ and advertise or place it on different platforms. The different types of click-through WhatsApp ads that can help your business gain a new audience are as follows: 

Booking Orders 

In using WhatsApp Business API, you have a business profile, i.e. a brand profile, in place already. This business profile on WhatsApp will already have a catalogue of your business which will show all the products and services your online business has to offer. This way, your customers will look into your catalogue and message you on WhatsApp and book orders or instantly avail of your products. 

Offering Assistance 

Whether you have a new product in your online store or probably have a product that often needs assistance from the point of view of business owners, WhatsApp is a great way to connect to them. You can use click-through WhatsApp ads and promote awareness about the product without taking or redirecting the customers to your website. With WhatsApp, you can efficiently answer your customers’ queries about variants such as sizing, colours, material, and so much more. 

Take Customised Offers 

In case you run an online business that has the scope to provide customised and personalised offers, WhatsApp is a great way to increase your order rate. You can simply take in the specifics of your customers’ orders and take all details required to provide them with the customised product from your online store. This way, you can reduce the costs involved in the conversation, curate a highly personalised product and minimise order return rates. 


WhatsApp is an excellent tool through which you can carry out communication with your customers. To know more about how you can make WhatsApp click-through ads work for your business, speak to our experts at Bikayi, avail our WhatsApp Marketing package and increase your sales to 10x. 

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