In the older times, not the ’90s and 80s, rather like two decades ago, as the Gen Z’s call it, one couldn’t imagine fitting all their friend’s and family’s lives into a device. Mobile phones are not only a source of entertainment; but also they are investments for every step of our lives. As of 2021, the number of smartphone users in India is over 375 million, and with newer models released every week from a new brand, it is safe to say, smartphones are never going out of business. When these devices are bought with considerable investment, they should be protected and have a safety cover so the user can also use them comfortably. The phone case business has a significant market appeal due to its high demand-supply and easy inventory management. Here is an ultimate guide to opening a phone case business, its types, designs, and the target audience for all categories in the market. 

How to Make Your Own Phone Case 

One must always have an action plan to execute an idea, hence do note down all the types of cases one can make in the market. Some of these cases can be protection covers or can be visually appealing. However, both those qualities can be merged to produce a good one. These are some of the trending cases in the market as of today. 

  • Gel/Silicone Phone Cases – These are affordable and customized according to your phone model. They have various designs and are available with pop-sockets as well. These cases are especially recommended for iPhones as the silicon cover protects the phone by its soft exterior. This is also the most popular type due to its unique velvet touch exterior. 
How to Start a Phone Case Business

Wallet Cases: These cases appear in the form of small notebook covers where you can protect your phone material and screen guard. It’s an open and close flip cover  that shields  every inch of your phone, and sometimes, these cases are customized with small pockets to keep cards and money. This would be an excellent choice as they appear in waterproof leather material. 

How to Start a Phone Case Business

Military Phone Case: These are also called tough or complex cases due to their hardcover appearance. These are for people looking for covers that will protect their phones instead of aesthetics. They can be customized phone covers in the form of water-resistant and screen protection.

How to Start a Phone Case Business

Glass Cases: These cases are customised phone cases for aesthetic purposes, and these are usually given out in trending designs or characters with pop ups and seem perfect for pictures. The glass protection for your phone seems solid with these cases, and they are usually available for iPhone users. 

How to Start a Phone Case Business

Choose your Phone Model

Now that we’ve covered the types of cases, we have to look for phone models or the type of phone which a niche’ uses as a majority in population to make cases for those phones. This is important for the business to avoid wasting material and time on models that aren’t a big sale in the market. We can look at our competitors’ target audience and choose the ones they aren’t very keen on, be it flip cases, as they are safe but not aesthetic or military cases. Google Trends can help look for the most trending topics search, and the DeviceAtlas allows for the search by regions.

Design and Print your Phone Case

If this is your first time in this business, this can be a fun process as there are millions of designs and inspirations to choose from. You can always look at Pinterest, and Instagram for ideas and influencer feeds. Influencers get phone cases customized on their branding, which also influences the target audience. For example – Pop culture references and music bands have always been relevant, and one could design or print polaroids, or their signature poses for cases. You have three options for printing these cases…

  • Customer’s Wishes: This is the most popular form of designing ideas on social media platforms. You can ask your subscribers to suggest ideas for designs and upload them; this will increase customer engagement and views. 
  • Freelance/Hire Designers: If the phone case business is a side hustle, you can look for freelancers who would design every week or hire professional designers from sites like Dribble to develop an entire collection on contract basis. 
  • Print on Demand: Look for sites where you can upload designs and products, and they fulfil shipment roles and production; this is a manufacturing move as they will take care of the customisation, packing, and shipment, all according to your needs.

Outsource your product

Choose a manufacturer who would likely work with local businesses and purchase in bulk after a sample test. Usually, manufacturers have all the models needed from their import business, and these would come in as a maximised profit advantage when purchased in bulk and sold under customisation. Dropshipping is an easy option if you’re on a budget crunch as it is affordable, and dropshipping ensures your delivery while you can concentrate on brand strategy.

Choose your E-commerce Platform

The hard part is done when you figure out the manufacturing part, and the fun part begins when you open your e-commerce store. The online store building is fun as it lets you decide the structure and vibe according to your wishes, and the themes can change anytime without any breakdowns. One can experiment with the products, product designs, descriptions, store pieces, logo designs, and brand names. Brand Naming is vital to set up a unique standard, and customization of the cases can be your unique selling point. There are many online platforms like Etsy or Wix to set up your websites and create a presence.

However, setting up an online presence complete with suppliers, shipment, customization can be done by Bikayi. Bikayi is an integrated online solution platform for all small business owners to set up their online presence and not worry about anything. Many business owners set up their stores here and direct results to your account. Setting up an online store with Bikayi is easier than ever with a demo on the site.

How to Start a Phone Case Business

All Set to Launch Your Cases?

Now that we know the manufacturing and setting up part of an online phone case business, this will be an exciting journey. The best part of a phone case business is that the demand will never bow out of the market. Phones are the future, and you provide their protection; of course, the competition is high for the product, but with the right marketing tactics and social media presence, your products will be in safe hands, quite literally!

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