We all do remember buying Shin Chan and Ben 10 stickers to display our bags, right? The world is shifting its base online, and so are the stickers. 

Instagram has been in existence for about eleven years now, and the craze for the app has never seemed to fade. There are several features for all the posts, reels and stories over the years. However, the latest feature added is the Instagram Stickers, and they’re available on all devices through the latest update on your Google Play Store. 

What Are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers are customised animated graphic images to use on your Instagram stories. These add a little sparkle to your account and flair out your platform. The business can use these stickers for customer engagement as well. These stickers will help drive traffic to your gram, build brand awareness and even raise sales; these can add a visual appeal to your story when the content is good enough. 

How To Get Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers can add up for both pictures and videos, so there’s a customisable sticker available for all types. Some are through engagement where users can directly contact you, some are animated, and some are links to lead the customers to the target. Stickers are at the top right corner of your story profile; the first step is to add a visual and then tap on the square smiley option; you will find several stickers ranging from gifs to question customised options. You can pinch them to fit the size and expand and delete them if you do not want them. 

Types Of Instagram Stickers and How to Use Them?

Instagram stickers are open to all themes, with the app having innumerable options. Many stickers need information added in them, like “Ask me Anything”, you need to add the question, and for polls, you need to add the options for audience choice etc. 

Below are some prominent stickers required for engagement and popularly used stickers. 

  • Instagram Location Sticker – You can press on the location tag and add your real-time location or even search for your store online; people will tap on it and see the exact location tagged. But make sure you choose the correct place as you can tag only one site in a story. 
  • Mention Sticker – With this, you can mention the username of the account you’re tagging. It appears in various shades and is visible to everyone viewing the story if they want to know more about the account.
  • Add your Sticker – This is a recently released sticker on Instagram where you can add a prompt and ask others to add to it. You can start a trend by “Show Your Childhood photo” and share the sticker on your story; this will lead to people clicking on the sticker and adding their pictures. 
  • Hashtag Sticker – Enter the hashtag you want to put in your picture, and anybody who clicks on it will lead to a new page of the hashtag content. You can also add your brand’s hashtags for people to follow through with your content. 
  • Instagram Question Sticker – This sticker helps for the engagement factor as people can address their queries and get featured posting the answers. You can crowdsource ideas and feedback and post-follow-up responses to your story by tapping on the reaction. 
  • Instagram Music Sticker – This is one of the most popular stickers as songs are an easier way to describe our feelings. New artists can also add their music on Instagram through individual tracks, and people can search for it on the sticker. Anyone who wants to know more about the song can tap on it and listen to it; there are various fonts for the lyrics and plaques. 
  • Link Sticker – Instagram has provided this feature to everyone now, and it doesn’t limit people with above 10k followers. You can add your store’s link and customise the link username as well. Make it in the form of a clickbait, so people press on it and take it to the landing page. 
  • Emoji/Poll Sticker – You can write a question and ask for suggestions for those choices. You can post an outfit and ask the audience to rate the outfit by pulling the emoji slider; these votes count in real-time. Also, when you want to know the excitement for product releases, you can add a poll and see the percentage of people voting for a particular product. 
  • Quiz Sticker – You can customise your sticker by framing a question with multiple choice answers, and these are especially useful and fun during peak brand promotions. You can even organise giveaways during these quizzes to attract more engagement and responses. 
  • Donation Sticker – This feature helps charities raise donations on the gram without any illicit method and shows the amount donated with usernames. All you need to do is tap on the sticker and customise the fundraiser’s name, and people need to tap on it to donate. 
  • Countdown Sticker – Enter the countdown event, set the time and date, and when you want it to end. You can also edit the sticker’s colour, and anyone who wants to share this countdown can do so by tapping on the sticker. People can turn on their reminders by tapping on them to receive a notification during the event start. The countdown builds excitement and keeps track of the event. 
  • Time and Weather Sticker – This will show the time and weather conditions based on your location. You can tap the sticker to change the design. 
  • Small Business Sticker – Many small businesses have set up their stores online and use social media to attract customers globally. This sticker can encourage small businesses and friends to post it on their stories, and people can tap on it to view the company. 
  • Instagram Product Stickers – These are available on the Business Instagram platform. These stickers are available for the products of a store where you can attach the price, and when customers tap on the product, they can see the price and take it directly to the product. 
  • Instagram GIFs Stickers – These gifs make all the difference to your stories and have unlimited options for use. There are many gifs for aesthetic, promotional, fun and more purposes. Some adorable and aesthetically pleasing stickers are boho, boho white, coffee, Greendotori etc. 

Instagram Stickers for Marketing

  1. Sales Engagement through Product tags. 
  1. Customers feedback through quizzes, polls and emoji sliders.
  1. Hold Live sessions and answer Ask Me Anything questions. 
  1. Use Mention stickers for collaborations and branded hashtags on stories to spread the word. 
  1. Add Soundtracks for promotions.
  1. Add Swipe up a sticker for products and links. 
  1. Add locations for events and countdown stickers for the new store.
  1. Use Festive appropriate stickers as they trend during their season.

Swipe Up and Start Creating! 

These stickers are a great way to entertain your customers with new features and give them something new to experiment with. The stickers help you grow your business with an element of fun. Make sure you do not clutter your page with them and use something different every day. Now that’s a wrap on Instagram stickers; I hope you’ve found the inspiration from our blog to use these stickers creatively, so swipe up for the latest information and have fun! 

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