If you are a regular shopper and one who loves to shop online, then it would be hard to have not heard of Meesho by now.

Meesho is an e-commerce platform and a one-stop destination for fashion enthusiasts. Most e-commerce platforms offer something unique to their users, and so does Meesho. It is especially known for its assortment of products and its affordability. Like Bikayi, Meesho also provides opportunities for small business owners to sell their products on the platform. 

Read on to learn more about this e-commerce platform and the working process of this model. 

What is Meesho?

Meesho is a Bangalore-based social e-commerce platform that allows its users to profit by reselling products. 

Meesho was founded in 2015 by two IIT Delhi graduates, Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. The name Meesho is inspired by the Hindi sentence ‘Meri E-Shop’, which means ‘my online shop’. Currently, Meesho has over 65 million active users and 17 million resellers. 

The Meesho app focuses mainly on the fashion industry; it has a vast collection of clothing, jewellery, and beauty products. Meesho provides good quality yet affordable products to its customers. 

Meesho – The Ultimate Business Case Study

Meesho is a social e-commerce platform that allows users to resell products using social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Over 70 percent of Meesho users come from tier-2 and tier-3 cities; these customers need quality products at affordable prices. 

Meesho is a seller-centric application; it allows the seller to decide their profit margins. The seller or supplier lists their products on the Meesho app; a reseller then promotes them. The reseller helps the supplier find customers by charging a commission per sale. These resellers consist of the majority of homemakers or social media influencers. Resellers share the link of Meesho products in their social network through Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. 

Before Meesho, the reseller had to deal with payments, delivery, and packaging when they purchased products from sellers. Now, with the app’s help, the reseller can easily share the product catalogue available on the app with their customer. 

When a customer shows interest in a product, the reseller needs to enter its shipping address and profit margins. Meesho will assure the delivery of the product to the customer’s doorstep. This way, resellers don’t have to build inventory. Meesho has provided a user-friendly platform for sellers and resellers. 

How Does Meesho Help Small Businesses?

Having no selling platform is a significant problem small businesses have to deal with. Meesho provides an e-commerce platform to small businesses for zero commission and registration fees. It also allows the seller to run advertisements and showcase their products. As Meesho has extensive logistic support, small businesses can sell their products nationwide. 

Meesho also allows its users to earn money by reselling the products in commission.  

How to Login on Meesho?

To login on to Meesho, download the Meesho app. Click on sign in, enter your name and email address or mobile number. You will receive a verification code via email or SMS; enter the code and you are good to go. Your Meesho login is successful. 

How to Register on the Seller Panel?

Step 1: Download the Meesho app on your mobile.

Step 2: Open the Meesho application and click on the registration option.

Step 3: Enter the required information on the registration page.

Step 4: Click on the submit button once you fill in the information. 

Step 5: You have to verify your mobile number via OTP. 

Now you are all set to become a seller. You can purchase products directly from Meesho suppliers and sell them at good profits, or you can earn commission by reselling Meesho products.

The revenue model of Meesho is quite similar to other social e-commerce businesses. Previously, the commission was the primary source of revenue for Meesho. From August 2021, Meesho has stopped charging commissions from sellers and has become one of the few marketplaces that offer zero commission. Meesho gets 75 per cent of its revenue from its customers, whereas; resellers gain the remaining 25 per cent.  

Currently, Meesho has few potential income sources such as,

  • Ads and Rank push: Like other major e-commerce platforms, Meesho allows its seller and suppliers to run ads and market its product to a broader range of users. The advertisement feature is highly beneficial to sellers because they will get charged only if they click on their ad.
  • Selling user data: Meesho has a considerable share of active users, and Meesho has collected a substantial amount of user data from marketing to their other partner companies. Nevertheless, Meesho claims that they keep sensitive user data safe and do not violate any privacy policy. 
  • Logistic: Meesho has tied up with numerous logistics partners to fulfil the delivery requirements. Meesho earns a small share of delivery charges once the product gets delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn with the Meesho app?

You can earn money by sharing a product listed on the Meesho app on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. And you will earn commission based on sales.

Is Meesho Indian?

Yes, Meesho is an Indian startup based in Bangalore.

How much can an individual earn with the help of Meesho?

People are earning 25000INR per month by using the Meesho app. You can sell or resell products on Meesho.  

Can I sell my artwork on Meesho?

Yes, Meesho allows you to sell artworks, like paintings, sketches and photographs.  

Is Meesho safe to use? 

Meesho is a safe and reliable e-commerce platform. The payments done on the Meesho app are safe and secure.  

Does Meesho have a return policy?

Meesho has a flexible exchange and returns policy, and you can quickly return or exchange a product via the Meesho app. 

What are the delivery charges of Meesho products?

Depending on the category and total weight of products, delivery charges vary between INR49 to INR70.

What business model does Meesho follow? 

The primary business model of Meesho is Direct-to-Consumer (D2C). At times Meesho can be described as a B2B & B2C business model if we take reselling opportunities offered by Meesho into consideration.

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