Admit it, we all would have looked into ways to earn money from home at one point in our lives! With the increase in the pandemic, we have extra time to spare, which has led us to explore different ways to earn money from the comfort of our homes. For everyone who wants to make the best use of their time and earn money, starting an online store has been one of the most successful ways to earn money and stay productive. To enable and equip merchants to start their business successfully, Shopify has partnered with GlowRoad to make this happen! In this article, we shall talk about Shopify and GlowRoad. Read on to find out! 

What is GlowRoad? 

GlowRoad is one of the top reselling platforms in India. GlowRoad is a reselling application that provides opportunities to millions of people to sell and resell on their platform. It is an excellent platform for students, business owners, graduates, home-based business owners, or other creative artists to showcase their products or third-party products at ease. 

One can easily start their own business with GlowRoad, by simply signing up on their application as a reseller. Once you have signed up as a reseller, you can choose the products you want to sell or resell and submit your interests to the respective suppliers. The supplier will receive an alert, and once the supplier accepts your request to resell the products, you are good to go. The next step is to procure the goods from the supplier and start selling and promoting the products in your network, social media channels and other platforms. 

As you continue to promote the product amongst your network, each and every product will have its shareable link. Suppose a customer places an order through the shared link. In that case, GlowRoad will ensure that the product is delivered to the customer within the given time frame, collect the money from the customer and transfer all the profits straight to your bank account. The reseller earns profits from home, based on the number of products sold, through their mediums. 

To enhance this business model amongst the masses, Shopify is entering the reseller market to start their online store and grow their dropshipping business. Shopify is a robust e-commerce platform that enables individuals to sell their products on their platform. With Shopify, you can increase the discoverability rate of your online store, and it will bring in organic traffic and spike your sales. However, here’s a great benefit if you are a Shopify merchant in India: If you want to start a dropshipping business as a Shopify merchant in India, Shopify and GlowRoad allow you to get products from local vendors and host them on your online store. You can source any product of your choice from local vendors, and you can add it to your store from the suppliers who are already registered on GlowRoad.

What are the Benefits of Using GlowRoad to Start Your Dropshipping Business In India? 

As we speak about Shopify and GlowRoad, let’s take a look at the benefits of using GlowRoad to start a dropshipping business in India; 

  1. GlowRoad increases the ability of merchants to get access to more products. 
  2. GlowRoad reduces the delays in the supply chain process and helps the merchant push the product to the customer in the least possible time. 
  3. With GlowRoad, merchants face lesser logistic related issues as GlowRoad helps pick and deliver the products to your customers within the right time. 
  4. GlowRoad has a faster order fulfilment rate. GlowRoad helps merchants to transfer their products to customers across distances efficiently. 
  5. GlowRoad is an excellent platform for starting your dropshipping business since it is highly supportive of local suppliers and vocal for local brands. 
  6. Since GlowRoad offers the option for Cash on Delivery, it enables shoppers to offer COD options and thereby attracts many customers to your online store.

How does Shopify Benefit Your Dropshipping Business on GlowRoad? 

As we speak about the benefits of using GlowRoad as a platform to run your business, we must also look at how Shopify benefits you running the dropshipping business on GlowRoad. Let’s take a look at the benefits; 

  1. With Shopify, you can easily set up your online store within a few minutes. 
  2. Shopify gives you instant access to over 5000+ allied applications and helps you provide an enhanced shopping experience for your customers and target audience. 
  3. As a platform, Shopify enables you as a merchant to market and promote your products much more effectively. 
  4. Shopify helps you quickly set up a payment platform for your online store with the help of its allied applications. 
  5. Shopify enables merchants to track their orders under one single platform. 
  6. In addition to the above, Shopify also provides merchants with real-time insights and statistics of their customer data, which will help you as a merchant boost customer engagement and customer retention rates. 

What do Shopify and GlowRoad have in store for the future?

The Shopify and GlowRoad partnership is a great boon for all small business owners and everyone who wishes to start their online store. This conjoint way of functioning of these two platforms will help existing, new and aspiring business owners to grow their business from the comfort of their homes. It will help them earn money and grow their business without any boundaries. We are sure that Shopify and GlowRoad’s collaboration will enable the growth of small businesses and pave the way for their growth and success. 

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