Twitter is one of the most underrated platforms when it comes to advertising. Most businesses use Twitter only to tweet but miss out on the most amazing features that can help you expand across the globe.

With 63 percent of Twitter users following small businesses and with a maximum limit of 2,400 tweets per day, do you think it would be difficult for you to promote your brand?

All you need is a proper social media strategy and know-how of Twitter ads. This guide will help you get to know different types of Twitter ads and tips to run a successful Twitter ad campaign. 

Types of Twitter Ads

Twitter gives you four options to create your Twitter ads depending on your social media marketing strategy. 

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are the paid version of your regular tweets. Now the question is, why do businesses pay for normal tweets?

Businesses generally opt for promoted tweets when launching a product or service, making an exclusive announcement, new on Instagram, or having fewer followers. The motive behind promoted tweets is to reach a large section of the users who are not following your account.

Similar to regular tweets, they can also be retweeted, commented on in the thread, or liked. Promoted tweets could be any one of the following: text, images, and videos. In the case of videos, the ads autoplay in the users’ feed. 

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts are a better option than promoting tweets if you want to gain followers on Twitter. The promoted accounts appear in your potential customers or followers feed with a follow button.

Your Twitter account can show up as suggestions under the ‘Who to follow’ sections. Basically, Twitter helps your account gain visibility with the promoted account option and hence, help you gain more followers. 

The craze behind trends nowadays is something we can not neglect completely. As a result, businesses to keep up with Gen Z are following up with the new trends.

Twitter allows businesses to purchase a spot under the ‘Trends for you’ section, which appears both in the users’ feed and the Explore tab. So, when any user clicks on the Trends section on the right-hand side of the feed, they get to see your promoted tweet at the top. 

In January 2020, Twitter took trends to another level by introducing Promoted Trend Spotlight, which supports not only plain tweets but also images, videos, and GIFs.

Promoted Moments

Moments let you tell your brand story by curating your old organic or promoted tweets. You can create Twitter moments to show your followers the BTS moments, everyday schedules, previous campaigns, and many more. You can also sponsor moments created by your competitors or other brands as a part of the marketing strategy. 

Twitter Ads Format

You can use any of the below-mentioned formats to create your Twitter ads:

  • Text: Tweets with plain text.
  • Video: Tweets with videos with a description.
  • Single Image: Includes a single image with an image title.
  • Carousel: A collection of two or more images or videos. Carousels are basically sliders or slideshows.
  • Moment: A collection of tweets with a cover photo, description, or title.

What are Twitter Automated Ads?

A must-know feature, especially for small businesses, is Twitter’s automated ads. So, if you are a small business or start-up without a digital marketing team or have zero knowledge about how the Twitter ad works, how to create a strategy, or how much to spend on each tweet, you can take the help of Twitter Promote Mode.

It is fundamentally a subscription service provided by Twitter that automatically promotes your tweets and account. Twitter promotes this feature as an “always on advertising solution”, where it creates a promoted tweet with the first ten tweets you make every day. As stated, it also creates promoted account campaigns to promote your account to gain followers.

Twitter charges approx. INR 7400 per month for promoted tweet features and helps your tweet reach approximately 30,000 people. This feature is indeed the best option for starting your Twitter journey. 

Twitter Ads Best Practices

So, how to create an effective Twitter ad campaign? Follow the tips below,

  • Set an objective or goal about what you expect from the ad campaign. Your goals can be getting followers, creating engagement, promoting a product, or raising awareness.
  • Analyse who your targeted audience or followers would be, based on gender, age or demographic.
  • Create an engaging ad to generate interest among the viewers. For example, try to build hype or curiosity about your brand or products.
  •  Use relevant hashtags to let your tweets be visible for any particular topics.
  • Make your Call-To-Action (CTA) creative so that users are interested in performing the desired action.

Twitter provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to generate suitable leads. However, you need to be creative and follow the latest trends to lead the competition. Also, do keep track of your ads to know what is working for your brand by using Twitter Analytics. Remember, the ultimate goal is to increase your return on investment (ROI) by creating user engagement. 

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