Top 10 Trending Products You can Sell Online in 2021

The Indian online market has thrived in the past few years. It continues to expand and grow like a beast. And this beast demands variety and innovation to survive. 


The COVID 19 Pandemic and the lockdown have massively impacted the sales industry. Unlike before, people are turning to online stores for everything from everyday essentials to fashion, electronics, and luxury goods. 


With the constantly growing consumer demand, the supply chain needs to strengthen as well. Therefore, there’s a larger scope for more merchants to push their way forward in the online market than ever before. 


But then comes the question as to what and how to sell online.


The three most important aspects of running a successful online store are – the right product, the right platform, and excellent marketing skills. 


Today, we will discuss the right product for you to sell. Deciding a niche product before starting an online store is very important for a stable and successful business. There are various aspects you need to consider. Firstly, you need to know which products are in utmost demand and could be enclosed within your investment budget. The next step is to identify your target customers and which products they associate with. 


Finally, when you have decided upon your product/s, all you need to do is to create your online presence and start selling. This might seem like a lot of hard work, but Bikayi can help you ease your way. 


To start with, here is the list of the most ‘in-demand’ products in 2021. Read on to know what products you’d like to start selling or adding to your existing store. 


  • Apparel 

Clothing is the widest and most trending niche to get into. With the frequently evolving and changing trends, people are always looking for variety and good quality.


As mentioned it is a wide niche, you can either start a clothing line that serves all the communities in general or you can also tap into specific ranges. Like men’s clothing, women’s clothing, trending fashion, basics, sleepwear, traditional or western wear, or anything that interests you.


  • Toys and Games

If we dive deep we will know that not many platforms or stores are solely selling toys online. And with this, there appears to be a window for merchants to grow and derive huge profits from the online toy market.


As the age-old episode of getting toys for kids continues in a modern fashion, getting a variety of toys online makes it all the more fun and exciting. 


Within the toy market, you can explore an assorted range of toys for different age groups and mediums. The most popular varieties you can look forward to are video games, soft toys, traditional games, and exclusive toys. 


  • Electronic gadgets and accessories


Electronic gadgets, as well as accessories, have a huge online market. Technology has become a vital part of our lives, and it is always evolving and changing, hence the demand for such products grows every day. 


Along with being a necessity, electronics have become a fashion trend as well. You must have seen people seeking the latest products and technology, these people serve to be a large portion of the buyers. Therefore, the growth opportunities in this niche are insane. 


You can dive into selling gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. and accessories such as phone/laptop skins, tripods, etc. 


  • Books and stationery 

Books and stationery items never go out of demand. Although the technology has evolved and provided multiple alternatives, it cannot completely replace the stationery market anytime soon. 


Finding and buying the right books and stationery from a store can get very hectic and time-consuming. Whereas, online stores can help ease the process by providing extensive varieties and customization. This will not only help the buyer but the seller to increase sales and derive profits. 


  • Fashion accessories

Thanks to the ever-changing trends and the growing influence of social media, people have started investing more in fashion accessories. 


You can start an online fashion accessory store at a low price and keep on adding varieties as per the trends and demand. 


Fashion accessories can include everything from jewelry to face masks, hence you have a wide market to choose from. 


  • Beauty and skincare products

Beauty and skincare products have always been in demand but with everyone at home, people have encountered a newfound urge to pamper and take care of their skin. 


With the salons closed and people being highly influenced by social media, skincare at home appears to be an ongoing trend. Sellers should make use of this opportunity to garner higher sales and profits. 


  • Home decor and luxury items

Be it (re)decorating a house, going for a fresh look, or making it more comfortable and luxurious, home decor and luxury items play the most important role. And people have been trying to make their homes more comfortable and beautiful, especially in the current scenario.


Scanning for such items online instantly makes it more convenient for the buyer to find the right items for their house. You can play around and decide on which items you would like to inculcate in your store. And further, provide wide varieties to ensure customer interest and a growth in sales. 


Items you can initially look towards could be cushions and cushion covers, drapes, rugs, bedsheets, wall hangings, scented candles, and even furnishings. 


  • Kitchenware and Furniture

Kitchenware and furniture can be considered as an everyday need as well as a luxury. 


The online market has been widely used to purchase kitchen products for a long time. And now, with everyone at home, trying new recipes and showing them to their friends and followers, kitchen products have been in huge demand. 


You can look for items such as crockery, storage jars, table sets, chairs, etc.


  • Sports and fitness equipment 

It is no surprise that sports and fitness equipment has risen in demand. Everyone is mostly at home and in the past year people have understood the importance of exercise. 


Even though they cannot hit the gym and the sports clubs like before, they have found alternatives to keep themselves fit and entertained. There’s a huge and dedicated market for sports and fitness equipment, which is growing rapidly. 


It is the right time to start an online sports and fitness equipment store as these commodities have a large number of online buyers already.


  • Provisions and groceries

With the lockdown scenario, people have drastically shifted to online stores for provisions and groceries as well. And we all know these goods are always in demand. 


If you want to sell a product that is not based on the trends and the changing market, provisions, and groceries are a safe as well as a smart choice. The profit margins are quite decent and being an everyday essential the sales are likely to be consistent and profitable. 


Conclusion – 


The customer demands keep changing and so does the market. To be in the game, you need to keep up with the trends and provide what’s best for the customer as well as for your store. The above products have proved to be very successful in the current market and you can look into each of the categories and see what could work the best for you. 


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