WhatsApp Marketing is the latest way to promote your brand and add a personalised touch to your marketing techniques. With over a million users worldwide hooked on WhatsApp, with increased usage of texts over phone calls, WhatsApp text marketing might just be the best way for brands to target customers and convert them into lifetime consumers.

We at Bikayi have introduced WhatsApp marketing features which will help merchants communicate with customers quicker than ever and even chat with them through personalised texts in their absence. With Bikayi WhatsApp, you can automate texts, use chatbots, broadcast messages to many customers, examine business analytics etc. This blog will expand on Bikayi’s cohorts and templates which help merchants send different personalised messages to their customers and drive engagement through their target audience. 

Bikayi WhatsApp for Personalised Text Marketing

Using WhatsApp marketing is one most authentic form of marketing, as it is permission-based, and customers voluntarily issue their numbers for this service. When a brand asks them to subscribe to their updates, a user can accept or reject; either way, WhatsApp creates a highly segmented audience who are ready to receive your brand’s updates, and a brand must utilise this targeted audience to their best. 

The best part of personalised WhatsApp marketing is that each customer feels special; the one-on-one interaction increases their value towards the brand and creates loyalty between brand and customer. Through Bikayi WhatsApp, you can make these personalised messages through our pre-approved templates and segmented audience cohorts. 

  1. Cohorts – Bikayi creates different customer groups based on your store transaction with the customer. These will help you identify unique target audiences and utilise these groups to the best of your personalised equation with them. 
  • Potential customers – Customers who have visited your website at least once in the last 30 days but have not made any purchases 
  • Inactive customers – Customers who’ve placed an order but have not visited the store in the last 30 days 
  • Abandoned Cart – Customers who have products in their cart but have not purchased them 
  • Made a Purchase – Customers who have made a purchase
  • Purchased a Product – Customers who have purchased a specific product 
  • Purchased a Collection – Customers who have purchased a specific collection 

2. Templates – Create effective SMS campaigns by utilising our pre-designed templates. Add your message, personalisation elements, links to web pages or app screens, and test and launch your campaign!

Bikayi WhatsApp provides multiple pre-approved templates that automatically welcome your customers and ensures they experience the best pre-order or post-order notifications, updates, product enquiries etc. These ensure you send quick replies and chat with your customers before they log off from your site. 

You can personalise your messages using Bikayi WhatsApp templates and send bulk WhatsApp messages to all your customers. The above templates contain Diwali offer notifications with discounts, delivery updates etc., showing that Bikayi will send these messages in this form to the customers. You can also edit your message on the right side tab of your screen. 

Bikayi automatically adds the name, discount offer and product based on the cohort decided, but if you want to edit it, you can do so. Merchants can also customise the shop now button to any link within your website so your customers can directly access their product. You can add any picture to the message and personalise it accordingly. 

The Bikayi WhatsApp templates and cohorts are perfect for personalised marketing. Bikayi designs these templates for the right target audience, such as people who have ordered from your store, are waiting for delivery or have an abandoned cart. Your personalised reminder for them to look forward to their shopping makes their purchase satisfactory due to the overall ore and post-order experience, so hop onto Bikayi WhatsApp now and build your best WhatsApp marketing opportunity. 

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