Would you believe us if we said one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms was inspired by a WhatsApp order list? Yes, it’s true. WhatsApp Marketing is the rage in the era of online shopping, leading to Bikayi’s creation through a potential idea of a WhatsApp catalogue. 

Bikayi is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps you set up your e-commerce business online, manage, grow and create a WhatsApp catalogue from anywhere without any coding or design skills. You can increase your revenue 100x times by setting up your store with Bikayi and gaining customers through WhatsApp’s most accessible communication tool. 

Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing feature helps you connect with your customers forming a community web. Let’s read further to learn how you can earn more  revenue through Bikayi WhatsApp and benefit from WhatsApp marketing. 

Bikayi’s Guide to More Revenue 

The first step to benefit from Bikayi is downloading the app, creating your store and contacting the Bikayi Customer Support team. You can set up your Bikayi WhatsApp Marketing by verifying your number for WhatsApp and form your sales funnel for gathering active customers. 

Bikayi platform provides a plethora of business tools. With a powerful notifications engine, through Bikayi WhatsApp, you can engage with 1000s of active visitors and entire customers in full-funnel conversations for seamless customer engagement and higher conversions. The user interface is the same as regular WhatsApp, but with enhanced features, so you do not have to fret about the ease of use, and the team of Bikayi is always ready to help you with anything. 

Bikayi’s features include the best-automated salesperson perspective, where everything is available automatically and 24/7. These features ensure you earn your business double the revenue, regardless of your presence. 

  • Customisation – Bikayi has customised features in WhatsApp Marketing, such as cohorts for your customer segmentation. These cohorts are designed based on your customer’s behaviour themes and organised in categories which can help you target the right customer segment to sell a particular product or collection. When Bikayi segments these customers, you can remind them to buy from your store and retain at least 50% of your visitors. 
  • Broadcasts – Bikayi WhatsApp enables you to send broadcasts to all customers, increasing your productivity in other areas and saving time. You can send these broadcasts to different cohorts simultaneously, or you can even select your customers manually and even use these broadcasts to send wishes on special occasions and discounts announcements and make your customers feel special. 
  • Automation – Sometimes, you’re stuck in a different situation or enjoying your holiday and cannot attend to your customers immediately, but this won’t be an issue here. Bikayi WhatsApp ensures that your customers receive responses without delay from automated chatbots, which gives your customers a sense of immediate satisfaction. These messages increase purchase leads by 20% as they deal with a customer on point. 
  • Customer Analytics – Bikayi WhatsApp increases your customer traction by maintaining a track record of visitor interactions with your store and provides a clear insight of all your customers. These analytics help you retain customers and track your campaign performances increasing room for improvement and sales by initiating your production of a particular product or service. 
  • Alert Notifications – Bikayi WhatsApp sends intent-based notifications during active business hours to alert your customers about an abandoned product or if a new product is back in stock. These notifications keep your customers in the loop about all new productions and urge them to complete a purchase. 

Bikayi, as a product, ensures that all small and medium enterprises thrive amongst the community and provides the above features to increase and achieve your sales target. Bikayi even maintains web analytics for your WhatsApp Business and website to learn about your store visitors and stock up on their interests. You can strategise and advertise accordingly and increase your sales 100x through Bikayi Marketing. 

Start your online business by creating an online store with Bikayi in less than 90 seconds. Grow your business with a fully customizable e-commerce website

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