We can agree that running an e-commerce store or having an online business automatically opens up the visibility of your business and accords it a wider reach. It is important to note that your business will then be accessible not only to everyone in your region or country, but also across the globe. This being one of the greatest advantages of running an e-commerce store and having an e-commerce website, here comes the catch. 

You might wonder what it might be? Suppose you have been running a cosmetic business online and manufacture organic and skin-safe products for all your customers. You have been offering your products to your customers throughout India. When a visitor from abroad, let’s say Singapore is highly impressed with your products and wants to place an order but is unsure whether the products would be delivered to their location. Here’s where the location checker feature will come into the picture. 

Wondering how it helps? We’re here to tell how a location checker feature on your e-commerce website can work wonders for your business. In this article, we will tell you about Bikayi’s Advance E-Commerce tools and how the location checker feature can help you grow your business. 

What Is A Location Checker Feature? 

Like every other feature in your online store, a location checker feature is an important one. As the name suggests, a location checker allows your customers to check whether the products offered on your online store would be delivered to their region or registered location. 

Why A Location Checker Feature Is Necessary For Your Online Store

Dr Jae Young Lee, a doctoral candidate at Wharton University, says “Location is king for e-commerce”. A location feature is equally important, just like the physical location of our store or residence. Let us understand three reasons why the location checker is necessary for your online store. 

Eases Shopping Experience 

One of the biggest benefits of having a location checker is that it helps your customers ease their overall shopping experience on your online store. A shopper or potential customer that visits your store can quickly check whether your goods and services are available in their area of residency. The location checker will help customers check the same. They are free to add any PIN code of their choice and check the availability of your products and services; this will help them place an order on your website and remain worry-free until they receive the product. 

Helps In Determining Service Zone 

In addition to helping shoppers determine the delivery of their products and services, it offers entrepreneurs another benefit. When you have a location checker on your e-commerce website, you automatically decide the service range. This way, you can plan and forecast the areas you want your products and services to be delivered. You can arrange this based on parameters such as state, city, PIN code and other similar factors. 

Forecast Product Costs 

Another important benefit of having a location checker feature for entrepreneurs is that it helps determine the product’s total cost. As an online store owner, you might be aware that the cost of carriage, transportation and other expenses must be covered in your product. In the case of an online store, the farther the delivery location, the higher the delivery charges. It is essential as a business owner to ensure that the costs are covered in the product, and it helps you run your business smoothly. 


In conclusion, a location checker feature on your e-commerce website has equal benefits for both parties, i.e. the shopper and the business owner. If you don’t have a location checker feature on your website yet, reach out to our experts at bikayi and get these features enabled to your online store.

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