Key Metrics 

-Total Revenue from Oct’2020 – May’2022- INR 13,00,739.

– Average order value -INR 945

– Digital Marketing Results in over 300 orders per day. 

About Ponzio 

Ponzio is an online apparel and accessories store featuring fashionable and trendy collections for men, women and children. They have a wide range of fashionable apparel from traditional to Western wear, an assortment of inclusive clothing for all body types and sleek accessories at affordable prices. 

Ponzio is a store centred around being fashionable and places emphasis on Customer First as their brand motto. The business focuses on providing the best customer shopping experience for everyone who loves being fashionable and shopping online. 

Ponzio’s Digital Journey

Ponzio started as a humble store operating offline about 5-6 years ago. It began as a small business exclusively featuring men’s apparel and a few accessories. After a couple of years in the industry, they partnered up in the family and collaborated with cloth mills and manufacturers to scale-up their business. 

They ran their business as a physical store through local customer enquiries and word-of-mouth, and their first step towards going online was through WhatsApp. Ponzio used WhatApp for business by taking orders through the app and attending to queries online. They took another step and ventured into the digital world when they onboarded with e-commerce enabler Bikayi in 2019. 

The Lockdown Catalyst

Before the pandemic, Ponzio, like several other businesses, struggled to get insights from its local business quickly and efficiently. The challenge was that although their collections were quite immense, the customers were limited. The business owners were unable to receive orders beyond their local customers and faced poor delivery issues from the suppliers as well. Their business slowly dwindled during the 2020 lockdown period, as customers would not leave their houses and chose digital platforms instead. 

Under these circumstances, Ponzio was at a disadvantage as they did not have a website and could not establish their digital identity or presence to attract online users. This was when they knew they had to jump on the digital bandwagon to keep up with their customers, but how?

The Strategy 

The owner of Ponzio Mr Mohanty’s goal was clear: he wanted to market his store to clients beyond retail and required a website to create a trustworthy relationship between Ponzio and their customers. During the lockdown, he came upon a video on YouTube about Bikayi and decided to go for it. Beyond online sales, the owner also wanted a seamless delivery experience and an unlimited horizon to sell his goods. 

The Bikayi team drew a vision for Ponzio’s digital-first approach, which would align best with the brand’s strategy. The strategy included a prime-themed website which would attract visitors to the store. Mr Mohanty decided to trust Bikayi to start his business with and availed the Bikayi VIP Lifetime package in 2019. 

What Happened Next? 

The Bikayi VIP Lifetime package is a bundle of exclusive features that could help a business boost its growth 3x times. When Ponzio onboarded with Bikayi in October 2020, the order rate resulted in only four orders initially, owing to some technical issues. However, it quickly settled into a business with 200 to 500 online visitors daily. 

Bikayi helped Ponzio build a well-designed website that gave his online store a professional look and appealed to visitors. The store stepped it up by purchasing the Bikayi Digital Marketing package in December 2021. This package enabled Bikayi to place high-quality ad creatives, product listing and display pages with professional looking images for shopping on Ponzio, which resulted in over 300 orders per day and double the returns, leading them to renew their package in May 2022 for an amount of INR 20,000. 

The Results Came In

Ponzio’s sales journey with Bikayi started with four orders from its inception in October 2020, these orders resulted in a starting sales of INR 2,940. Ponzio deals with Apparel and accessories and as of date, has generated a total revenue of INR 13,00,739. The starting step was onboarding by the VIP lifetime package with a Digital Marketing plan as an add-on. 

Ponzio 2021-2022 Quarterly Sales Revenue

These orders rose with high demand in 2021 with 1374 orders with an average order value of INR 691, marking their sales for 2021 to INR 9,49,809. The first five months of 2022 had a head start of 368 orders with an average order value of INR 945 and generated a revenue of INR 3,47,990 in just five months. The average order value has increased by 36% with the demand of orders and increased their sales revenues by 99% as of now. 

Continuing Growth With Bikayi 

Ponzio now feels that its website has given them an identity to stand out in the online market, and the online approach has been very profitable for its business. Since Bikayi has set up the website, Mr Mohanty is happy to report that there have been no bargains, and they have an unlimited border to communicate with their customers. The conversation turned to what urged Ponzio to invest in Bikayi for a lifetime; that’s when Mr Mohanty said, “I had complete faith that this platform will grow big and provide me with my best opportunity to expand my dream business.”

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