Instagram is not only a popular and trendy app but also a powerful visual social media platform. It is super easy to use and browse through Instagram. However, businesses that set up their social media market on Instagram aim to increase the visibility of their product on the platform. 

We’ve seen the increase of ads evolution on Instagram compared to the earlier years. With a few viral tricks up your sleeve, it is skillfully possible to build and advertise your brand to a large audience, and that’s why Instagram is your best bet for online marketing.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads is a versatile tool for online advertising created by Instagram. These ads are posts, but you pay for them to appear on potential customers’ feeds. These customers are directed to the business posts by the filter bubble, where the data network follows the user’s niche and preferences and posts of the audience’s interest. 

These ads come in different formats. These are the four main kinds of Instagram ads.

  • Story Ads

You can include filters, stickers, music and other free features in your story ad. The stories can also use photos, videos, and carousels adaptable to full screen and instantly grab your customer’s attention with catchy offers and headlines. 

  • Video ads

These are short videos that pop up on your customer’s Instagram feed. These videos can be up to 60 seconds, but shorter videos perform better as people scroll off the page if the introduction seems dreary. So the intro must always be exciting or have a clickbait for views; video ads can have the ‘Swipe up’ links directing to the website for customers to view directly instead of checking through bio. 

  • Photo ads

Photo ads can help you use your images for advertising your business, brand, and offerings. You can always use a stunning photo and add text to your vision, and your ad post can have links and buttons with a fitting caption. 

Carousel ads

A carousel is a post with a swipe-able series of images, including links and buttons. This ad will show up both in the feed or the stories section, which means better reach for your business.

How can Instagram Ads help brands?

Instagram ads can boost your sales and help your business grow, as these ads have a massive impact on your buyers. When the audience looks at a well-done ad, it tempts them to explore the page, introducing your brand to new customers.

Proper keywords are the key to the success of your Instagram ads. Throw in a few popular keywords, write catchy copies and get your SEO right – that’s the recipe for Instagram success. 

Tags help with the visibility of your posts when you use trending audio or trending tags in the post. Nowadays, Instagram reels have been trending ever since Tiktok was banned in India, so all the audios have the song names as tags. When you use the audios for a fun intro and tag them, you could appear on the trends page. 

Interaction is the key. Instagram features of “Ask Me a Question” Or “Post a Picture Of” Trends a lot as people like to interact with these features. Hosting Giveaway offers through these trends will bring more potential customers through comment referrals, which will lead to more visibility. The more users interact with you, the better it is for you. Haven’t you heard marketing pros say, “any publicity is good publicity”?

How do Instagram Ads Work? 

Like every other way of digital marketing, even Instagram Ads needs a thorough plan of action.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and make your profile public. 
  1. Go to the Ads Manager section, click on the “Campaigns” option, and click on the “+Create” button. You can find this option on the top left corner of your screen. 
  1. Select your campaign objective. A campaign objective is nothing but what you want to achieve from a strategy. Instagram has various campaign objectives like reach, brand awareness, engagement, traffic, app installs, lead generation video views, messages catalogue sales, store visits and conversions. These objectives fall under three parent categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. You can choose any of these objectives based on the intention behind your Instagram ads campaign. For example, the below-shown picture is a Diwali festival campaign of the Bikayi App. 
  1. After this, you can choose “Purchase” as the conversion you want on the Ad Set page. Or, you can go ahead and create an irresistible offer of discounts or giveaways etc. 
  1. In the next step, you choose your potential customer base and the budget you’re willing to spend. Here is a pro tip – start with a small budget, and you can decide to spend more money if the ad performs well.
  1. Now, you have to select your ad placements. You have to choose whether you want this campaign to run on Instagram only or Facebook and Messenger.
  1. Here you can choose your audience, interests, age, gender, location and many other details of your customer persona. If you want the same audience to view your ads in the future, you can save the selection. Or else you can go with an entirely different customer avatar. 
  1. After making these choices, click on continue. This will forward you to a new page. On this page, you can select the format of your ad – carousel, photo, or video ad. Once you are done choosing a layout, scroll down. You can now upload your visuals-images, videos, or a mix of both when you do that. Once you finish uploading the visuals, scroll down again. You can now see an option to add text to your ad; it is on the left. Towards the right of your text editor, you can preview your ad. You can see your ad in different formats and choose the best one if you want. Once everything is in place, tap on the “confirm” button, and your ad is live now.
  1. You can track your ad, monitor its performance, and even make it on the Ads Manager. 

What do Instagram Ads Cost?

Ads on Instagram could help you increase your income, and paid advertising could lead to more sales and revenue. On average, Instagram ad cost per click is around INR 36.69 to INR 146.75. But this also depends on the industry, competition and budget. Advertising on Instagram is slightly more expensive than Facebook but that could be due to engagement. 

Charges in Instagram include per click, for engagement and per thousand impressions. You can constantly adjust your budget by going through the sales and interaction analysis on your platform from the first month and choosing your audience according to Instagram Stats. Instagram ads are a budget-friendly way to promote your brand when done right.

Instagram could be both for a business – a platform to show off a company’s fun side or a sales-oriented platform. Either way, through Ads, we could be visible to more people, just like any other form of advertising. Instagram is growing quite fast, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon whilst everyone in the world is virtually present there. 

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