Many businesses today have a vast social media following and a brand name they create by carrying out their marketing activities through various social media platforms. Despite having substantial social media engagement, many businesses face the drawback of being unable to manage orders and inventory. Upon observing this, e-commerce enablers came up with the idea of integrating enterprises to set up a WhatsApp-integrated e-commerce store. 

WhatsApp is one of the best applications for communicating with people. With the launch of the WhatsApp business application, many Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) could manage their business operations through WhatsApp. But merely selling is not enough, and marketing is the need of the day for any business to sustain itself today. 

So, when businesses start taking orders and communicating business through WhatsApp, they can also take a step ahead and conduct their marketing through WhatsApp. 

Here are the WhatsApp tools you can use to enhance the marketing activities for your business.

Top 10 Tips WhatsApp Tools for Marketing and Getting 10x customers 

1. Broadcasts Messages  

Through the WhatsApp ecosystem, you can send broadcast messages to your customers or a group of customers. Thus, you increase your efficiency by saving time and by connecting to many customers at a go. You can send these messages via broadcast lists, or you may even send messages to your customers individually. You can also send greetings on special occasions, share details of offers and discounts, and send personalised texts. 

2. WhatsApp Ads 

Like online ads, there are WhatsApp Ads where you can run your ads across various platforms, and when a user clicks on them, your WhatsApp will become the landing channel. It will help you form direct contact with the potential audience and generate sales. 

3. Green-Tick Verification 

As efficient as the internet is, there are also a lot of online scams that take place. Not every person is comfortable sharing their number easily with others, especially someone previously unknown. So, to assure buyers and gain their trust in the merchants, they have come up with “Green-Tick Verification”, where sellers will have to enter their business details and phone number, get a verification code and thus get verified. There is no such thing as a loyal customer; you can gain customer loyalty only when they are able to trust you and your brand.

4. Conversion of Leads into Customers 

Through the WhatsApp Commerce ecosystem, you can convert leads into customers using targeted promotional messages and personalised bulk campaigns, helping you create customised templates and providing merchants with pre-approved excellent performing templates. 

5. Chat and Sell 

We now have chatbots on many websites which reply to customer queries. The ecosystem provides a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, through which buyers can make purchases by chatting on WhatsApp. This process is quite simple, user-friendly and practical. 

6. 24/7 Customer Support 

The WhatsApp chatbot helps you provide 24/7 support to your customers. It also enables you to automate your conversations with the buyers, helping them gain trust in your brand. Besides, you can also integrate this WhatsApp chatbot into your WordPress store. 

7. Abandoned Cart Recovery 

Often, a customer adds any product to the cart but doesn’t check out due to payment issues or other reasons and later may forget to buy the item. To avoid loss of orders, the system will send messages to the customer to recover the cart, share the link to the product check-out page, and thus help you improve the purchases by over 60%. 

8. Post-Order Management 

We all know that sales never end by selling the product to the customer. You need to keep up consistently with your customers. When a customer orders something from your online store, you need to provide them with the tracking details of their order. Also, from a business perspective, you are not done with one order from a customer. You need to retarget your customers to expand your customer base. You can increase your engagement with the converted leads via automated messages with the ecosystem. 

9. Analytics 

Through the WhatsApp ecosystem, you can track the number of people who visited your site and your online store and have an insight into customer behaviour. It can help you understand consumer behaviour and devise your business accordingly.  

10. Alert Notifications 

Another way you can leverage the WhatsApp ecosystem for your business is through “Alert notifications”. As seen above, a customer may forget to check out the cart or sometimes, the product that the customer wishes to order is out of stock. In such scenarios, you can send alerts reminding them to check out or convey that the product is back in stock etc. It will keep your customers informed about your business, build a rapport with them and thus, accelerate your branding. 


WhatsApp is a household name among online communication platforms in India. Due to its accessible features, people of all age groups can use it without any hassles; thus, it has become a channel for business communications. 

With the launch of WhatsApp Business features, e-commerce enablers are providing sellers with WhatsApp integrations through which they can not only sell their products but also regulate their online marketing activities, with WhatsApp being the primary channel.  

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