What is the most indecisive action you’ve come across? Ours is writing a caption for Instagram. Sometimes they’re too cheesy or don’t match the vibe, or sometimes our humor is on another level to be understood by everyone else. You can have the perfect pictures of the lot but cannot come up with a caption. This blog highlights your concerns and explains the details behind an Instagram caption and the importance of its reach for business profiles. 

What is Caption on Instagram?

An Instagram caption is a caption or description of an Instagram photo that adds context. Instagram captions include emojis, hashtags, and tags. Sometimes, these written captions explain the picture’s mood or give a backstory to the viewers about who clicked the photo or why they uploaded it. 

how to write instagram captions

Here, the caption “Felt Cute, Won’t delete Later” was used by many Instagram users after it was trending due to a meme. Such is the impact of a caption; it can trend all over and bring notice to your profile when phrased rightly. 

Why Are Good Instagram Captions Important? 

It is no secret that Instagram is a visual platform, but the caption is the secret to making people stop and look. Strong Instagram captions are essential to increase brand awareness, attract new followers, increase engagement or drive sales. Captions help you add context to your creatives, build relationships through meaningful storytelling, and expand your reach.

As quoted by Instagram, the Instagram algorithm for 2022 depends on the engagement rate. The first posts to crop up on your feed are the ones you frequently engage with, such as liking and commenting on that post. Therefore, captions are a powerful tool for increasing likes, comments, and even visits to your website. If your post receives enough engagement, it may appear on the Explore Page! 

While personal accounts can get away with single emojis and PJs as their captions, brands need to use this to market their stories by microblogging in the caption and adding specific call-to-action tags to increase engagement and hold the viewer’s attention. 

What is a Good Caption for Instagram?

Before rushing into our guide for the perfect Instagram captions, let’s draw up some points to be understood while writing a good caption for Instagram that also completes engagement goals to draw the audience’s action to respond to a brand’s profile. 

  • Run a campaign dedicated to your brand’s primary aim. For example, Bikayi sets up online stores for retail shoppers; hence the campaign’s primary goal is to onboard as many stores as possible. 
  • Promote the campaign using the primary target audience in mind and ideas that can attract anyone who is plausible to engage with the post. 
  • Collect content from your audience using hashtags and popularise these hashtags through all your platforms.
instagram captions
Example of Bikayi explaining the purpose of a Holi campaign, featuring a merchant who sells colours with brand-relevant hashtags. 

How To Write Instagram Captions

  1. Convey the purpose of your post

    An Instagram caption’s purpose is to expand on the story behind your photo or video. If the media is about a contest, sale, or event, the caption is where you can describe your campaign.
    Explain what it is, how to participate, and when it will occur. 
    Suppose your post is about your company or brand; the caption is your opportunity to explain who’s involved, the occasion of the photo, how it affects your audience, or another context relevant to your followers.

  2. Start on a strong note

    When people keep scrolling, your caption must be captivating so they stop scrolling and read yours. Hence, make sure that your CTA is at the top of the note. Since Instagram captions include the first four lines to attract a user’s attention, make sure you add something interesting at the very top. 

  3. Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) 

    When a caption dictates the purpose of a post, it should also list the goal of the post by adding a CTA such as a Link in the bio, fill your answer in our comments, tag your friends for free products, etc. A CTA will increase engagement and initiate conversation when people share the post and tag their friends. 

  4. Keep up with the trends

    Pop culture references are common in every post and reel. Some quotes often go viral on the internet, so when you use these trending quotes, they seem relatable to many people and engage with the post. 

  5. Use your brand hashtags 

    As you’re probably aware, hashtags go a long way on Instagram, and they can broaden your reach by connecting you with members of your target audience who do not already follow you. Generally, vary your hashtags from post to post, and diversity allows you to cover more ground and reach more users by appearing in more hashtag feeds than you would otherwise. Each post should also include a mix of branded hashtags, seasonal hashtags, interest-based hashtags, and location hashtags.

  6. Optimise for reach 

    Unfortunately, you cannot use links in posts on Instagram, so draft captions where it benefits the audience to like, share and save the post. Use keywords in hashtags in your post caption for people to press on and immediately join a million others who are searching for the same. The more they engage, the higher your engagement rate, and people can access your post through keywords. 

  7. Brand storytelling

    Format your story according to the voice of your target audience, so they stop and read for at least 30 seconds into your post. Start on a compelling note, inspire people with your stories, and format them into short paragraphs so there’s more space and reading time. Use emojis and any trending hashtags and references to connect with your audience. Make sure your story has some human elements, so people share these stories on their Instagram. 

Tips To Write Instagram Captions 

You can keep in mind these tips to add extra information, captivate your audience and achieve your goals. 

  • Have you accidentally posted a typo, don’t worry! Just tap on your post and tap on the three dots; you get an edit option, correct that typo and save it. Sometimes people “accidentally” make a typo in their captions, and people correct them in their comments, which is how they gain engagement 🙂
  • Press the space key on your phone or return the key on your keyboard to create line breaks between captions, so the gap seems neat, and you can fill the space with emojis or stars, so they seem uniform. 
  • You can also choose several fonts from the Instagram fonts tool for variation in captions style. You have to paste your caption into the device, choose from the font style, copy it and paste it into your caption. 
  • Instagram captions can include up to 2,200 characters long and include 30 hashtags. To add more insight, use the comment option, which allows you to add up to 2,200 characters and 30 more hashtags.
  • You can use as many emojis for your caption and ask your audience to guess the caption, so they figure out these emojis and spend more time on your post. 

The Final Caption

Every brand builds its identity by its tone on social media profiles, and brands have to choose their tones based on the target audience to attract the right crowd. While brand websites are the right platform to attract investors, social media platforms are best to showcase a brand’s personality. 

These fun captions are a way of engagement not only for algorithms but also for the customers, as they can engage with the brand personality and become loyal to the brand’s voice. So, here’s to hoping that our tips and tricks help your Instagram grow as a brand and be the loudest voice out there!

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