Even if you have a DSLR or are a pro-level photographer, you definitely need a photo editor to make your images look picture-perfect. Besides cropping and resizing, the best online photo editors can do much more, like apply filters, adjust brightness, adjust contrast, remove red eyes, and many other features. 

Honestly, thousands of photo editors are hosted online, but you need to figure out which is best suited for your requirement to create standout content. Here is a detailed description of the most talked-about seven best free photo editors online. 


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is simply the ‘King’ of all the photo editors. Having several professional-quality functions, GIMP helps the user in fine-tuning their images. Its configurable interface and fully-integrated toolset let users create realistic and professional artwork.

Something that could be performed using Photoshop could be easily done in GIMP as well. Using this platform, you can even add your own filters and features that you personally desire. Someone who has previous experience and knowledge in image editing can adapt to GIMP relatively quickly. 

2. Photopea

Another free online photo editor that can work without any plugins is none other than Photopea. From making simple illustrations to creating sketches or resizing images to editing PSD files, you can use it for everything. 

It also provides you with tools that let you add filters and different effects, crops your image and ultimately effortlessly processes your photographs. Even if you’re interested in trying out vector and raster graphics or designing social media banners, this editing app stands to be the best choice.

3. Photoscape X

Photoscape X, a free editing platform, has actually proven to be remarkable. It is best when it comes to editing your personal photo archive. With an image viewer, batch processing, a screen-capture tool, and various chosen filters and effects, it can beautify and enhance your photographs to a whole new level. 

Photoscape makes your images look like analogue photography. Along with a decent cut-out feature and image transformation capability, the editor gives you access to more than 240 figures, various frames and borders and over a thousand patterns to use in your creatives. It is best used for experimentation projects and batch processing.

4. Canva 

It is one of the most-used online photo designing tools and is also a convenient and user-friendly software. Canva serves as an all-in-one platform for all sorts of graphic designing. It also lets the user create several creatives, such as brochures, posters, social media graphics, calendars, logos, watermarks, video presentations, resumes, menus, labels, wallpapers, letterheads and even t-shirt designs. 

It is a free photo editor that one can use quite efficiently without any experience in graphic designing. Moreover, this platform contains many templates for you to create something within a very minimal time and minimum effort. 

5. Fotor

Fotor is a free photo editor for Windows and all web browsers. It has a convenient user interface that makes it very simple to use. Along with a fantastic performance, it provides a set of filters and effects and a tool for photo collage. 

Another USP of Fotor is that it can handle RAW image files effectively and doesn’t hog the system resources. It serves to be very helpful for bloggers and digital marketers as it allows some limited design functionality, like business cards, posters, banners, documents, social media images, collages, invitations, etc. 

6. Pixlr 

You can import your images and start editing within a few seconds on Pixlr. Useful single-click functions and a robust toolset make this platform very easy and convenient for usage. Pixlr even provides you with a tutorial to guide you through your photo editing journey. 

Anyone familiar with photo editing apps can get the hang of it real quick. Besides these, Pixlr also provides the user with a free vector graphics editor, some free graphics, and free stock images to meet your needs.

7. Photoshop Express 

It is an online photo editor based on a web browser that provides you all the features you need for that perfect image edit. If you have Flash installed on your device, you can even use the editor without any plugins. However, currently, it supports only JPG files and does not have a social media sharing option. 

As far as an online photo editor is concerned, a multitude of options are available, but it’s up to you to decide which one stands as the best to serve your purposes perfectly. So, select your preferred online photo editor, which has all the tools you need, and you can tune up your images even without downloading any dedicated software. Moreover, the photo editing software proves significantly valuable for professionals looking for ways to get their photos published.

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