In 2022, e-commerce will be more competitive than ever, and the share of its global sales will expand exponentially. To boost your e-commerce business, you should always keep three things in mind: Gain More Clients, Improve Your Transactions and Increase Your Product Value. This mantra is to manifest your successful business and build a more extensive base for your products. 

However, since E-commerce is an online transaction, there are tools which help online businesses multiply and increase their market value. We have compiled a list of the best e-commerce marketing tools to launch your brand and achieve your objectives.

Types of E-Commerce Marketing Tools

Selecting the tools you require should be simple, allowing you to concentrate on taking action to expand your business. These tools are categorised based on the essential tactics brands need to concentrate on to keep a constant check on their brand position, which can automate any task related to the brand. 

Analytics Tools

Analytic tools track the success of your marketing activities and help you identify areas where you can improve to get better results. This Analytics includes data on your audience, your website, your brand’s position on the internet etc. You can track the insights daily by your laptop and phone for these tools and improve your brand’s status. 

Google Analytics Tool

Suppose you want to focus on improving the performance of your website and don’t know where to start. In that case, Google Analytics assists you in providing actionable data to you, helping you figure out what you need to do. 


  • It enables you to examine your competitor’s statistics.
  • It provides information about your website’s traffic, most popular pages, and bounce rate.
  • Provides an Audience report to follow your user’s preferences, making it easier for you to tend to their needs. 

Clearbit Tool

Clearbit assists you in gathering the information about your customer needs and analysing it to gain valuable insights about your website.


  • It allows you to segment your audience and then analyse data from each section to assist you in identifying which segment is the most valuable to target.
  • Personalised On-chat functionality to gain the trust of a new or existing customer 
  • It is straightforward to use and connects with other tools to enhance functionality.

Marketing Tools

When you have many goals but your budget isn’t much, marketing tools help you get the best return on every rupee you invest in nurturing your leads and converting them into customers.


Placeit has a library of templates and images to help you create excellent visuals for social media channels and other forms of content.


  • It enables you to drop and drag the visuals helping you to create images faster.
  • It has the visuals and templates library, and you do not need to create visuals from scratch.


More than 132 million people listen to podcasts every day. Using this Buzzsprout tool, you can increase your audience reach and develop awareness by starting a podcast.


  • It enables you to provide the podcast transcripts inside the tool.
  • It gives you the analytic report which shows how well your content is performing.

Website Building Tools

Website tools have nearly identical features and functionality, making choosing one that meets your requirements even more challenging.


Bikayi is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs. Bikayi has been the helping hand behind small and medium-sized business merchants to set up their stores online and sell their products to millions of consumers.


  • Dedicated business coach to mentor you and set up your store 
  • Pin code based shipping 
  • Google Shop integration


If you are to get started with e-commerce, especially if you are running a brick and mortar store taking online orders, then Shopify is the perfect tool.


  • It gives you great themes and templates that help you to design a beautiful storefront.
  • It enables dropshipping and quick shipments, so users need not worry about logistics.


It is the ideal e-commerce platform for large businesses with many products and services that focus on SEO for their growth strategy.


  • It enables you to boost your search engine rankings with SEO tools.
  • It gives your customers real-time shipping updates about their orders based on your subscription plan. 

Optimisation Tools

Optimisation tools are necessary to get solid records that test your site speed to optimise your customer’s journey. These help your brand and website rank and appear the first choice for any potential customer. 


As an easy-to-use popup generating tool, OptiMonk has gained cult starters in the e-commerce world. It enables store owners to produce eye-catching onsite messages without the requirement for creative expertise.


  • It is a simple popup tool that helps online shop owners create a delightful shopping experience
  • It is a perfect blend of personalisation and advanced segmentation.


Varvy’s mobile usability testing tool is one of the best for checking your site and determining what’s missing. The goal is to optimise your website so that they can shop right away when online shoppers enter keywords.


  • Identifies and solves clickable link issues.
  • Image optimisation and call to action links activation

Automation Tools

Marketing Automation is one of the most significant aspects of every marketing department, regardless of the company’s size. One of the fastest-growing software sectors today is marketing automation.


Omnisend email templates are well-known for being simple to use. Omnisend created the software to address issues that e-commerce marketers confront, such as cart abandonment and driving product reviews.


  • It allows you to create campaigns based on your customer’s actions.
  • Tracks your marketing automation impact sales. 


The autopilot tool mainly automates the entire customer journey. You can automate your sequences with fun stickers and emojis.


  • It has designed a canvas for generating email automation sequences
  • You can use it for various marketing channels such as email, in-app, SMS, etc.

There is no end to your search for tools to grow your business. So, it’s better to identify the critical element for your growth strategy and then choose the tools you need from the list. These tools and apps are certified to utilise for your business’s genuine progress and help you identify targets for the long run. 

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