What’s the one thing we all do after finishing an exciting series or movie? Look up the actors on Instagram. We’ve all been there, done that, and yes, it is thrilling to see their inside pictures on the ‘gram. 

But what is the first thing we pivot to on the gram? It’s the Bio. We all feel like we can define a person’s trait based on their bio profile, but there’s much more to it than that. So press the follow button and follow us down the guide on what to put on your Instagram bio. 

What is Instagram Bio? 

As the term ‘Bio’ suggests, Instagram provides a description space of 150 characters for your profile page. Your photos show the followers your picture, and the description can be about your personality in short. A Bio is essential as this is a first impression shot for brands as it helps users discover their personality. 

Your Instagram bio can include the brand’s description, hashtags, contact information, location and crucial information of your business slogans or trends. 

Example of Instagram Bio

Brand – Bikayi
Category –
Bio/Description –
India’s most loved mobile e-commerce enabler
Link in Bio for brand –

What Makes a Good Instagram Bio 

The best way to decide what to put on your Instagram bio is to think about your end goal. Do you want people to talk through your brand or hit the follow button? The Bio is a one-chance-only shot for brands as there is very little room for more details, so you have to make it worth it in a line or two. 

  1. Deliver your brand promise through highlighting essential information like brand name, category etc. 
  2. Use your description to mention the brand’s personality and style, appropriate for the platform.  
  3. Establish your Unique Selling Point (USP) through the line breaks so there is new information on every line. 
  4. Use keywords, hashtags and emojis in line breaks for Instagram visibility. 
  5. Add Call-to-Action buttons such as links in Bio for traffic aversion. The brand can customise these links to suit ongoing offers and send it to the landing page. 

What To Include in Your Instagram Bio 

Though Instagram bio is limited to establishing your brand, several features help make it a creative space and even rank on top of search results when used wisely. 

  • Profile Photo 

The display photo is the first thing everyone looks at in a profile, and it is necessary to add your brand’s logo. Otherwise, it would seem empty and give off a disinterested vibe. Make sure this is the same profile photo on all your social networks and is high quality. All you have to do is go to the Edit profile option next to the picture icon and upload your brand’s logo. 

  • Username and Name 

Usernames can be tricky, we’re a social population of billions, and not all of us logged onto Instagram the minute it launched, so make sure you choose a legit username that is easy to search and remember. For a brand account, make sure the username and name are both brands, as the username is at the top of the Bio. 

  • Description

The description is allowed for only 150 characters, so make sure you make the best impression within these characters. Please give a short description of your brand and what they do, add your profession or a quote that suits you. Many people add their Bio to their birthday dates with cake emojis and hobbies such as Rider for Life or traveller flags. You can add symbols and hashtags for more reach and followers. 

  • Link in Bio

The link in your Bio lets people contact you through direct messages to access your store and landing page. You can also customise your links, add your brand’s page links, include your brand’s contact information and email for further reach. 

You can add discount codes and links as Shop Now for a rapid click rate for your store. If you have a personal account, you can add that username to your bio and add Youtube and blog links. 

  • Category 

This section provides you with the choice to upload your business type, especially on professional Instagram pages. There are several options to choose from, such as Product, Service, Influencer, Public persona etc. 

  • Call To Action Button

These buttons are present in every blog section and end of every website. These are to urge the customers to take action and contact the brand. The brands can attain this by adding contact information, such as a number to call you and email ID for more details directly. Add your location so people can click on it and be there at your place, and this location can even crop up during an Instagram search. 

  • Hashtags and Symbols 

Instagram hashtags play a massive role in the Instagram algorithm. Choose a trend or make your hashtag for your brand and paste it on your Bio, so if the customers click on it, Instagram will show a variety of posts related to your brand. Adding emojis is also a good call for personal profiles since many emojis define your spirit animal. 

  • Quotes 

We choose a resounding quote to justify it throughout our article when we start an essay. Similarly, you can pick an excerpt from a book or any form of art which states your interests. A mutual interest would attract like-minded people to bond with on your platform. These quotes can be anything that can define your personality and which intrigues the followers to get to know you. 

Instagram is the one place where you can mix business with fun. Brands need to follow all the above categories to fill out their Bio to give complete access to customers online. People who want to have fun on Instagram can also look for cool Instagram bios and funny bios on the web and add them to their Bio. Overall, the Instagram bio is a mini autobiography, so present it your way.

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